Top 10 Yoga Poses to Lose Weight after Pregnancy

#1. Cobra pose

Cobra pose is very effective in weight loss as well as helping the new moms in dealing with the back pain they experience post delivery. This basic yoga pose will tone your buttocks, abdomen and arms.

#2. Bow pose

Other than the increased weight, new moms often have digestive issues after delivery. Since the core loses its strength after delivery, it needs to be restored to the overall health. With bow pose, you will be able to condition your core in no time and get back that tight stomach. Do this a couple of times a week.

#3. Tiger pose

This simple yoga asana is a blessing for all the new moms. With this pose, you can lose weight, tighten your thigh and abdomen muscle and it rejuvenates the female sexual organs. This yoga pose is really easy on the post-pregnancy body.

#4. Pigeon pose

For all the moms who are trying to tone their lower body, pigeon pose is the answer. Not only does this pose tone your thighs and hips but also helps with the urinary infection which is very common post delivery.

#5. Triangle pose

Triangle pose is one of the easiest and most effective for weight loss. It reduces fat from waist and hips. It also helps to tone the hamstrings. Other than aiding weight loss, it will keep the new mommy calm.

#6. Half tortoise pose

Losing weight while laying on the bed is now possible with the half tortoise pose. This pose helps to tone lower back and glutes. With this pose, you can stretch the major muscles of the lower body with this pose. Losing weight is so easy!

#7. Camel pose

Camel pose will take care of the post-pregnancy flabby stomach while taking care of the arms and the chest. This pose removes the tension from the lower back and treats problems like thyroid, parathyroid disorders and spondylitis.

10 Best Post-Partum Yoga Poses

Yoga is one of the safest and most effective ways of shedding the excess weight after pregnancy and getting back into shape and it has no side effects.

Which yoga is best for losing post-pregnancy weight? I had a caesarian delivery 7 months ago. Is it the right time to start yoga now?

There are various benefits of postnatal yoga, chief amongst them are:

  • Postnatal recovery: A woman’s body undergoes tremendous changes during pregnancy. These changes cause a lot of stress to all parts of the body; plus the process of carrying a baby and giving birth is painful. Yoga after normal delivery is a great way to gradually soothe the strain that the body has had to endure on account of pregnancy.
  • Weight Loss: All women put on weight during pregnancy. The added requirement of taking in more than usual nutrients and the need to carry the extra weight of the baby cause weight gain in pregnant women. The problem begins post-delivery when the extra weight is no more required. Losing weight post-delivery is not easy to do. Yoga, however, is a tried and tested ancient regimen; some discipline and a little time per day to perform yoga can yield fantastic results for losing weight post-pregnancy.
  • Endurance: Most new mothers experience weakness after pregnancy. Symptoms of this weakness include the loss of stamina, muscle/joint pain, and chronic exhaustion. Yoga will gently and slowly exercise the muscles and joints back to their original strength along with gradually boosting core strength and stamina.
  • Regaining Posture: Nine months of pregnancy followed by caring for the infant post-birth will inevitably throw a woman’s normal body posture out of sync. The process of moving around with a growing baby in the womb is stressful on the spine. This is because nursing and constantly lifting the little one after birth puts added stress on neck and shoulders. Yoga strengthens all the essential muscles and joints and can even help women achieve better than pre-pregnancy posture.
  • Psychological Benefits: Yoga focuses on deep breathing, stretching and relaxing the body, the combination of movements and breathing improves blood circulation and oxygenates the body at the same time. As such yoga can induce a state of deep relaxation reducing stress and calming the body and mind. 

Given below are selections of twelve yoga poses and manoeuvres that would be useful for women who have just conceived. The first few poses help with stretching, warm up and flexibility which is followed by poses for more advanced benefits.

  1. Neck Stretch (Roll):

This pose is great for stress relief but needs to be performed cautiously.


Imparts flexibility to the neck, eases muscle tension, provides a warm-up for more advanced poses.

How to Perform: 

Sitting in a cross-legged position, inhale deeply, slowly turn your head to the right till muscles feel stretched. Take three deep breaths and slowly return to the normal position.

  1. Shoulder Stretch (Roll):

This pose imparts flexibility to the shoulders.


Eases muscle tension, loosens shoulder muscles and provides a warm-up for more advanced poses.

How to Perform: 

Sitting in a cross-legged position, keep your arms straight on the sides. Slowly move your shoulders forward, and bring them towards your earlobes without moving your arms, essentially in one rotation.

Continue rolling and move backwards and then downwards. This completes one rotation. Repeat the movement seven times, pause for five seconds, and then reverse the movement and perform seven repetitions.

  1. Chest Stretch:

This can be used as a warm-up pose after which high-level poses can be done.


Stretches, loosens, and relaxes chest and upper back muscles, and eases muscle tension in the thorax.

How to Perform: 

Sit up straight in a cross-legged position. Keep your arms straight on the sides and your spine straight. Now close your eyes and inhale deeply, expanding your chest and abdomen muscles. Hold for five seconds and slowly exhale;

pause for five seconds and inhale again, repeating the motion for at least twenty repetitions. Note that this exercise has to be performed slowly, and in case of discomfort, breathlessness or dizziness, stop immediately.

  1. Feet Stretch :

This pose is good for the lower part of the body.


Stretches the feet, exercises the calf muscles, and improves circulation.

How to Perform: 

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