The Weighty Word Book

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Quia — Weighty Words A-Z

Hate or fear of foreigners

-Like the «Home Town» customers, who mockingly said, «Zen, uh, fo bee-uh» («Then, uh, four beers») we call such hatred or fear

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abasement humiliation
bifurcate separate into 2 parts
coruscate sparkle
dogmatic stubbornly opinionated
expedient convenient
felicity great happiness
geriatrics the branch of medicine which cares for the elderly
heresy the beliefs of someone who’s gone against the religion of their people
ingratiate try hard to please someone
juxtapose to place side by side
kleptomaniac someone with an uncontrollable urge to steal
laxity carelessness
misdemeanor a lawless act
nostrum a cure that doesn’t really work
ostracize to deliberately leave out
paradox something that seems impossible but isn’t
quixotic dreaming impossible dreams
raucous noisy and harsh sounding
scintillate twinkle
truculent fierce / cruel
ubiquitous appearing to be everywhere at once
vacillate unable to make up one’s mind
winsome charming {amp}amp; attractive
xenophobia hatred or fear of foreigners
yammer loud, non-stop talking
zealot a person who believes his product or idea is the best in the world

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The Weighty Word Book

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Introduction	000
A	Abasement	000
B	Bifurcate	000
C	Coruscate	000
D	Dogmatic	000
E	Expedient	000
F	Felicity	000
G	Geriatrics	000
H	Heresy	000
I	Ingratiate	000
J	Juxtapose	000
K	Kleptomaniac	000
L	Laxity	000
M	Misdemeanor	000
N	Nonconformity	000
O	Ostracize	000
P	Paradox	000
Q	Quixotic	000
R	Raucous	000
S	Scintillate	000
T	Truculent	000
U	Ubiquitous	000
V	Vacillate	000
W	Winsome	000
X	Xenophobia	000
Y	Yammer	000
Z	Zealot	000

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Children’s stories, American.
Short stories.
Puns and punning.

Elissa S. Guralnick is professor of English, College of Music, at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Douglas A. Burger is associate professor of English at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Janet Stevens has written, adapted, or illustrated numerous award-winning books for children, including And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon ( Child Magazine Best Children’s Book List, 2001), Tops {amp}amp; Bottoms (Disney NAPPA Book from LA Parent), and The Three Billy Goats Gruff (Parents Choice Award).

Paul M. Levitt teaches in the department of English at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He is also the author of Chin Music: A Novel of the Jazz Age and numerous books for younger readers and scholars.

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