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HAMMAR 110 | Hammar sideloader

Hammar has launched its newest sideloader, the Hammar 110, featuring a new usage method for fast ground handling and offering a reduced tare weight of 8.3 tonnes.

The model features a double-action system that can deploy two modes comprising the StepOver which was developed for the Hammar 155 for stacking or transferring containers or the new SledgeLeg ability.

According to a statement from the Swedish manufacturer, the SledgeLeg allows the sideloader to operate in much tighter, confined spaces, performing container movements faster because the leg does not need to completely unfold.

Hammar New Zealand boss, Fred Sandberg, said: “Space is becoming a premium at many businesses in large cities and towns these days, which makes it difficult for truck drivers to operate a traditional sideloader when delivering or picking up a container.”

“When we started looking at how we could assist drivers in this respect we also wanted to use the opportunity to save tare weight, yet without compromising  the 36-tonnes lifting capacity, or the strength, quality and durability.”

The new mode sees the legs extended to less than half their maximum outreach to rest on a knuckle built into the upper part of the longer StepOver leg, as it folds into itself.

According to Sandberg, the swift deployment of the stabiliser legs in SledgeLeg mode means that trucks can be in and out of customer premises in shorter times than with traditional sideloaders.

The new model also has the ability to transfer a container or stack on top of another with the fully extended StepOver legs.

With the prototype now launched, the machine will go into production at the company’s newly enlarged manufacturing facility in Takanini, South Auckland, New Zealand.

The product has a low centre of gravity that keeps the rig stable, regardless of the cargo and driving environment according to a company statement,

Each model sold in New Zealand will come with a cable remote control as standard, to allow the driver to move around the sideloader for a range of views.

Hammar Australia’s versatile side-loaders

To maintain a high quality service in Victoria’s contested wharf cartage market, Norman Carriers is now adding two versatile Hammar Australia side-loaders to its fleet.

With the steady rise of container traffic to and from the Port of Melbourne, local transport company, Norman Carriers, has been able to continually expand both its services and its fleet over the past few years. Today, containers make up a significant part of the operation, but other transport services and an ancillary offering including quarantine and fumigation – with accreditation from the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service – also keep the company busy.

Since establishing a partnership with Hammar Australia in 1998, Norman Carriers has been using Hammar‘s 151 side-loader, which the company says was a result of a strategic move to improve its container handling capabilities. The first 151 unit successfully powered through a punishing 12-hour/ six-day schedule with minimal fuss, prompting Norman Carriers to add several more units in the proceeding years, including Hammar’s 195S model.

Today, Norman Carriers operates a dozen Hammar units, with the latest one delivered in July and another 195S due soon. “The Hammar 195S continues to satisfy all of our requirements while at the same time providing us with great versatility and a low tare weight,” says Gareth Hearnden, third-generation family member and Special Projects Manager. “Our Hammar side-loader range covers several models ranging from tare weights of 8.2 tonne to 10.8 tonne, with varying use and versatility to cover different requirements.»

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Source HAMMAR 160 (ORIGINAL), 20'-40' (45') Sidelifter/Side loader/Self loading trailer on

Date: 01.05.2014

Trailer manufacturer Hammar has re-launched its lightweight 160S sideloader.

Hammar reloads lightweight 160S sideloader

Hammar 160s

Hammar Australia re-launched the 160S sideloader as its «star attraction» at the recent 2014 Melbourne International Truck, Trailer {amp}amp; Equipment Show, resulting in pre-sales of several units.

The 160S sideloader traces its ancestry back to 1974 and the original Hammar SL30. Design focus back then was, and still remains, centered on simplicity, reliability and, importantly for today’s operators, tare weight. 

The company claims the 160S is the lightest sideloader in world, spec for spec. With a tare weight of just under 8.5 tonnes, including on board power pack, nothing else comes close, Hammar contends.

The 160S was also the first sideloader in the world to achieve a lifting capacity of 33 tons as a standard feature, the company believes.

«It’s simple and rugged construction makes the 160 the most service-friendly model in our sideloader offering,» Hammar Australia Managing Director Peter Levison says.

In the market for an additional couple of sideloaders, Scott Wettenhall of Dandenong-based Wettenhall Logistics ordered two of the 160S units, ahead of the model’s official launch at the truck show.

According to Wettenhall, a Hammar customer going back to 2004, «we wanted a low tare weight to provide us with the capability to carry more container tonnage, so we went for the Hammar 160S. The low weight made it a winner. The simplicity of the machine’s design and operation, fast cycle time (3.5 minutes) and being based on the proven technology we are familiar with was just icing on the cake».

Hammar Australia draws many more models from the extensive range available out of Sweden.

«We put a lot of effort and investment into product research and development, all of which is targeted at sideloaders, the only product we manufacture,» Levison says.

«The lightweight of the 160S sideloader is in stark contrast to the machine’s rugged construction. Note that the chassis made using only high-grade Swedish steel, fully MIG-welded all round to ensure maximum strength. Unlike some manufacturers, our I-beam frames are welded both inside and outside the beam for greater ruggedness.»

In Australia, the company claims a 50 percent share of the sideloader market, and the 160S is set to increase that share further.

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The double-action support leg features two modes. The StepOver™ mode and the Sledge™ mode. In StepOver mode the leg extends outwards 3,2 meters in a ”step over” motion, often to rest on the ground on the opposite side of a chassis/wagon. This gives high stability and fast, safe and easy transfering from/to a chassis or wagon. The patented Sledge™ mode is when the leg is folded, giving a shorter reach of 2,0 m. A big advantage when space is limited and when placing a load against a fence or a wall. As the leg doesn’t need to unfold and because of a simplified design using a single cylinder, it’s also very fast. Twice as fast comparing to the StepOver mode. The combination of these modes is a completely new and unique feature among Sideloaders.

The tare weight of the HAMMAR 110 S with 3 axles and standard Australian equipment (with engine) is as low as 8,9 tonnes, which is 2 tonnes less than the most similar model, the HAMMAR 155. This means a higher payload, less tyre wear and less fuel consumption. It’s the lightest model in the world of its kind.

The crane design allows for a very large handling area and a faster handling time, is easier to use and has increased safety. With a simplified design it’s also easier to service and requires less spare parts.

Side loader — swinglift, side loader, side lifter, container lifter, trailer

Patchell’s now manufacturing a series of Swinglift products in their Rotorua factories, applying production methods well proven in their log and container transport trailers.

With proven stability and superior design features, such as the Leg-Over Stabilizers, Swinglift side loaders provide fast, effective and safe operation, even under difficult conditions.

Insightful operators looking for container side loaders with the greatest of safety and stability, while loading heavy containers with ease and speed from truck, trailer or rail wagon, unquestionably choose a Swinglift.

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