Premier BJJ Championships | Rules and weight classes

Antiseptic Gel

Put a little Neosporin on any cuts or abrasions before you bandage them up.

Athletic Tape

I always have tape in my gym bag. It’s a quick fix for a busted finger or toe, and it can be used to make a larger bandage. Our Recommended Athletic Tape

Backup Gi

If you have an extra Gi and have room for it, bring it along. Your Gi might get ripped or a teammate may forget theirs and yours might fit. Cheap BJJ Gis, perfect for a backup.

Backup Shorts

Good to have an extra pair in case you have a wardrobe malfunction.


Keep your open injuries clean and help prevent getting blood on people. It is also a good idea to bring some 4×4 gauze pads too.


Perhaps the most symbolic item you can wear to your match. Make sure the one tied around your waist is yours – Recommended belts for competition.


If you are planning to take a nap bring a small blanket. This can also be used to make the bleachers more comfortable.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournaments

Two (2) person divisions will compete best 2 out of 3.

If there are no other competitors registered in your division you may be placed in another division in order for you to participate.  Team Points will not be awarded for divisions with 1 competitor. 

We reserve the right to either subdivide or combine divisions, weight classes, or age classes the day of the event depending on the turnout.

2. Each Competitor will be allowed to register in ONE DIVISION ONLY.

3. All competitors must weigh-in with the GI ON.  There is NO weight allowance at weigh-ins.

4. Each competitor must submit an on-line registration form, sign the electronic waiver, and pay the entry fee.

5. No advantages will be given. If the match is tied at the end of regulation the referee will decide the winner based on who showed the most aggressiveness during the match.

6. All competitors must wear a Gi with a standard collar size and thickness.

7. All competitors must wear a CLEAN and a SOLID colored Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu GI (Kimono), either ALL WHITE, ALL BLUE, or ALL BLACK in color. Women may also wear ALL PINK. No mixing of colors. Example; white pants and blue top or blue pants and white top, etc… will NOT be allowed. Competitors will compete with regulation GIs only. A regulation GI is four fingers cuff clearance and sleeves are to be no shorter than 4” from wrist between wrist and sleeve of GI.

8. All male competitors are not allowed to wear clothing underneath the GI such as T-Shirts, Rash Guard, Sweatpants, etc.  Also, wrestling shoes are NOT allowed.  All competitors must wear underwear.

9. We will do our best to pair up Kids according to weight and age no more than 2 years apart. For example ages groups may be (6 {amp}amp; 7) (8 {amp}amp; 9) (10 {amp}amp; 11) (12 {amp}amp; 13) (14 {amp}amp; 15). We will do our best to not mix girl and boy competitors, but it may be nescesary.  Kids need to be registered according to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Belt rankings (White, Grey, Yellow, Orange, Green).  Karate or Tae Kwon Do belt rankings may be the same color, but are not equivalent to the skill level as jiu-jitsu. Consult your Jiu-Jitsu instructor before registering your child to avoid your child being entered into the wrong division.

10.  We reserve the right to refuse service.

11.  We reserve the right to close the tournament registration at any time in order to benefit our event organization.

12. We reserve the right to change the date and/or location of the tournament.


Win or lose it is a good idea to have someone record your matches. Don’t forget to get a team picture before people start leaving.

Cash {amp}amp; Credit Card

You may want to get some gear, clothing, or food. There may be some great deals at some of the vendors.

Charging Brick {amp}amp; Cable

If you’re on your phone all day, recording matches, listening to music, talking to teammates, it may be a good idea to bring along a portable charging brick and your charging cable.


Plan on being at the tournament all day, you won’t get too stressed out. If you bring any guests to the tournament you should do what you can to make them comfortable.

Complex Carbohydrates

Complex Carbohydrates digest slower and give you a great source of long-lasting energy. Nibbling on these throughout the day is a good idea, but don’t overindulge. Bananas, nuts, oats, and wholegrain cereals are great to eat and easy to pack in your kit bag.


These are the most essential items on your list. You can’t compete without these, so double check you have what you need before you leave that front door.

Flip flops

Flip flops or any quick shoe will help you get on and off the mat without slowing you down. This is especially important if you need the toilet between matches.

Folding chair

At some tournaments finding a place to sit is just as hard as getting a medal. Stay ahead of the competition by bring your own folding chair.

Food and Drink

It’s important for your body to be ready for the day ahead. Stick to clean food during competition and pig out once you’re done. You’ve earned it.

Don’t forget your Gi. Make sure, in advance, that your Gi fits the requirements for the tournament. Recommended Gi for competition.

Glasses / Contact Lenses

If you wear contact lenses be ready for any troubles they may give you.


This one is also mostly for the ladies, and the guys with the pretty hair.

Hand Sanitiser

Washing your hands if better but not always practical.


Especially for nogi, throw on a hoodie on after warming up to keep you from cooling down. If the building is cold, you would be glad you brought your hoodie.

IBJJF Membership Card

If you’re competing for at an IBJJF competition, you will need your registration card.


Keep a couple of icepacks handy, in case you or your teammates need to ice any sprains or pains.


Hopefully, you won’t need these items, but if do you’ll be glad you have them. Be ready to share your medical supplies with any teammates or competitors who might get hurt.

Mouth Guard

The hard nature of competition means that knocks and bangs are more likely. Remember your mouth guard. Recommended Mouth Guards for the big day

Music {amp}amp; Headphones

Need some hype music to get your amped up or some chill music to keep your energy levels low? There’s a reason why they say “Music Soothes the Savage Beast”


Weight Divisions

The SJJIF utilizes weight divisions to help minimize injuries and remove weight advantages. Contrary to popular belief, size is as important to Jiu-Jitsu as it is to other competition sports.  Although a highly skilled small person may defeat a larger less skilled opponent, the usual result historically has been of some physical injury or injuries to the smaller opponent.  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a size factor sport, weight divisions have been established to minimize becoming the prime determinant of the winner.  We do however host open divisions at tournaments and participation in these divisions are optional for Juvenile, Adult, and Master participants.  Competitors will not be grouped in age divisions by their actual age, but by the year in which they were born. The SJJIF will not place kids, boys and girls, together after the age of 12.

Competitors, or parents of children competitors, are responsible for ensuring that the weight is met with GI and/or rash guard already on.  Any athlete that is over their registered weight is subject to disqualification. 

As far as weight reduction for competition is concerned, the SJJIF strongly discourages the practice of dehydration or excessive caloric restriction; the use of diuretics, laxatives, and self-induced vomiting.  The SJJIF strongly recommends that children compete at their natural weight and do not support or encourage any form of weight cutting for competition.

Weigh-in guidelines for competitors is as follows:

  1. All Athletes must clear weight prior to their first match.
  2. Athletes must have their uniform for competition on for weigh in.
  3. Athletes are allowed to weigh in without knee or elbow braces, but they will have to be wearing them at the time of the uniform inspection.
  4. The athlete cannot step on the scale with shoes or any item besides his/her regular uniform and equipment permitted for use during matches.
  5. Each athlete shall only mount the official scale of the event to have his/her weight taken once unless authorized.

Kids weight divisions for GI and No GI competitions are as follows:


Juvenile, Adult, and Masters weights divisions for Men and Women in GI and No GI competitions are as follows:


Adult Weight Divisions for Adapted Jiu-Jitsu and Special Events for Men and Women in GI and No GI competitions are as follows:

Premier BJJ Championships  | Rules and weight classes

Age Divisions

Competitors will be grouped in age divisions by year of birth, and not their actual age.  

The SJJIF will not place children of the opposite sex, who are over the age of 12, in the same division.  

The SJJIF recognizes men and women’s competitions. Matches between men and women are not permitted.

The SJJIF recognizes the following age divisions:



Here are some extra items we think would be useful for you.

Pain Killers

If you need something to take off the edge, bring along your preferred painkillers


Make sure you have all your teammates numbers in your phone and keep it on you until you are getting ready to hit the mat. You don’t want to miss your buddies’ match because you went to the restroom. Set up a group message on whatsapp and keep each other informed.

Your phone can also double up as a camera to record yours or your friends’ matches.


It may sound odd but a pillow has a place at a BJJ tournament. Many competitors do not sleep well the night before the tournament. They then get to the tournament first thing in the morning, to find out their bracket will not hit the mats until later in the evening.

Premier BJJ Championships | Rules and weight classes

Check out the event information page for information on weigh ins, competition regulations and more.

Prescription Medication

You know what you need, just don’t leave it at home.

Protein and fats

Protein and fats are an important source of long-lasting energy, especially if you’re at the competition all day. Some great examples of protein for a tournament are Nuts and seeds, peanut butter, small amounts of lean meat.

Ranked Rash Guard

While rash guards are banned under IBJJF rulesets in the GI, they are a requirement in NoGi. Make sure you have a rash guard that represents your belt grade. – Recommended rash guards to compete in

Rule Book

You should know the rules, but you might need to look up what is legal for a teammate of a different skill level.


If you’re doing NoGi the same day, you’ll need your NoGi shorts – Recommended BJJ Shorts

Simple Carbohydrates

Simple Carbohydrates break down quickly and can give you a temporary boost in energy. I think it was Ryan Hall who used to eat skittles before competing as the sugar gave him a quick energy boost and the sweet flavours also helped with the cottonmouth you get when you get an adrenaline dump.

Spare Underwear

Once your day is done, there’s nothing worse than travelling home wearing sweaty, moist underwear. Bring a spare pair and get comfortable.

Sports bra

This one is more for the ladies.


If you want to take supplements, stick with what your body likes. This is not a good day to experiment with pre-workouts. You will not have the kind of benefit knowing exactly when you will be on the mat.

If you take a supplement and plan to be on the mat in 20 min you will likely be waiting an hour or more, and your energy will be used up by a supplement that will make you more fidgety and agitated than you would be on competition day.

Team Shirt

If your team is planning on all wearing the same shirt don’t forget to bring it.


It’s nice to be able to take a shower after you are done. Don’t forget to bring a towel. A towel can also be used as a blanket or add padding to uncomfortable seats. – Our recommended travel towels


It’s hard to hold a video camera and cheer someone on at the same time. Usually, the video suffers, more than the cheering. If you happen to be at the tournament by yourself set up your camera and hit record just before the match starts.

Water and Sports Drinks

This one is obvious but essential; you need to be hydrated throughout the day. You should sip your water throughout the day and sports drinks can also help with energy levels. Stay away from anything too sugary and overly caffeinated, like Redbull, I have had a bad experience with almost vomiting in a match because I downed one minutes before a match.



If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to watch others compete because it makes them nervous? A good book is a great way to take your mind off the action.

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