Pashley tube rider-anyone got one?

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If you like to ride gravel rather than race on it… | Singletrack Magazine Forum

Got one last year for Mrs R, turns out I ride it more than her for going round to the shops etc. As above, heavy but loads of fun and a very smooth ride because of the flex.

I’m 6′ with 34″ inside leg if that helps, she’s 5’7″ and it’s fine for both of us. Even got a basket on the front for carrying the newspaper! Would be a bit crap off-road though, things bounce out too easily. 🙂

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I`ve got one, very cool indeed, you sit perfectly upright, quite heavy tho so hills are a bit of a bugger, best for smooth flat cruising.

Bought mine from Velorution in central London, they let you have a go first too which is nice.

I love mine in fact Im just off for a circuit of Bushy park on it now.

I was a bit surprised so few seemed to like this bike, then I realised it was the sort of bike that was common when I was young, so while its appearance is “right” to me, it’s all wrong to later generations.

To me it’s an evolution of the British sporting roadster, which was the do it all bike in my day. The quality of the good brands was superb and the bikes could be ridden for tens of thousands of miles with very few problems.

But some of the comments about 3 speed hubbed bikes may be based on misconceptions.

For the benefit of those who have never owned a Sturmey-Archer hub bike, the hub does not make the bike “slow”, it just means it’s not likely to be ideal if you want to ride in a peleton.

A few generations ago it was a good choice if you wanted to knock off 200 miles daily for over a year. (Google Tommy Godwin) If a bike is slow, it’s not the hub holding the bike back, that’s down to the rider.

My 3 speed with upright bars has done a few 125 mile audax distances comfortably within audax pace without trying hard, and also climbs hills quite well. It is regularly ridden in what many would consider mtb territory. The pic up there is it on part of the HT550 route from Erchless to Orrin dam, which as anyone who has ridden it knows, has some parts that are hard work on any bike.

That’s why I thought the Pashley would make a decent gravel bike, a bike for getting to the scenery rather than cxing through it.

Maybe someone needs to take one for a test thrash on a good long distance gravel route. I’d volunteer. 🙂



….And proper brakes since the lanes are steep on the way down too.

I like the feel of winding a bike out too, so I know what you mean. It’s pretty hard to beat.

The number of gears is a personal preference, and the 3 speed hub is well proven, but I am surprised that Pashley didn’t offer the 5 speed hub with its wider range.

I find the problem on steep gravel isn’t usually gearing, but traction. That’s the limitation on my 3 speed Pompino with 38mm tyres when I hit the steep stuff. I haven’t ridden in your neck of the woods but there’s some reasonably steep stuff up here north of the Cairngorms.*

I use the same drum brakes on the bike I usually race in the StrathPuffer. They are perfectly adequate for the job, and have very nice modulation, and that is an advantage for descending on steep loose gravel. I haven’t found anything I’m prepared to ride down where the brakes are a limitation.

Like most cable brakes, how good they are really depends on the quality of the levers and cables used. Sort that out, and they are perfectly ok..

*Ironically our local group of Rod-brake Roadster Randonneurs have settled on the Cairngorms to get a decently long gravel loop because it’s not too steep for some of the

less fit riders

older bikes.

Enjoy laid back riding with the Pashley Tube Rider. The hand-built steel frame has relaxed angles, putting you in a comfortable, upright riding position so you can take advantage of Sunday cruises by the beach or canal. The steel frame delivers a smooth ride, while the Sturmey Archer 5-speed gear hub offers ratios for all town riding.

Key Features:

  • Multi-tube hand-built frame with braze-ons for attachment of a rear carrier and bottle cage
  • Fully brazed fork with lugged crown and CrMo blades
  • Sturmey Archer 5 speed hub gear XRD-5 offers easy riding
  • Sturmey Archer all-weather, low maintenance Hub brake are great stoppers
  • Brooks saddle and brass bell gives retro comfort
  • Laid back handlebars offer super chilled riding position
  • Sizes: 19”
  • Colours: Double Scoop — Powder Pink {amp}amp; Turquoise, Pintail — Turquoise and Bright Orange
  • The Pashley Tube Rider is available with 0% APR finance

Sit back, relax and feel the wind through your hair as you cruise along in style on the Tube Rider. The flowing lines of the unique duplex-tube frame and the two-tone paintwork add a flash of brightness to your day and reflect on the laid-back riding style, designed specifically for you to enjoy the real pleasures of cycling.

The Tube Rider is also kitted out to give you the most comfortable and carefree experience possible — the combination of sweeping cruiser handlebars and a sprung Brooks B67 leather saddle means you can truly kick back. Such relaxed stylings are complemented by only the most reliable high-end componentry to give you years of effortless pleasure. These include low maintenance 5 speed hub gears, efficient and powerful hub brakes that work well in all conditions and robust Schwalbe tyres with extra puncture protection for all types of terrain.

The Tube Rider is both a relaxed and versatile take on the classic beach cruiser and is equally at home by the sea as well as the town or countryside. It’s a truly ‘chilled-out’ machine.

Sweeping multi-tube frame with relaxed riding position: Unique duplex-tube frame, giving a comfortable ride and unmistakable style. Features rear carrier and bottle cage mounts for additional retro-fit storage. The frame is hand-built with an attention to detail that only a frame crafted by hand can possess.

Sweeping ‘Cruiser’ handlebars: with a broad half-moon style for laid back handling.

Small ‘ding-dong’ bell: a dainty ding-dong bell which sounds an elegant little ‘ding-dong’ to politely let pedestrians know you are arriving

Classic 5 speed hub Gears: With an easy-shift gear lever, they allow you to tackle hills and glide along gracefully on flatter terrain with ease. Fully enclosed gear system that requires minimal maintenance.

Reflectors for added visibility: front, rear, pedal and tyre reflectors all help to keep you safer on the road at night.

Low maintenance hub brakes and gears: enclosed and sealed from all weathers, hub brakes and gears are long-lasting and robust and give excellent stopping power come rain or shine.

Corrosion resistant painted steel mudguards: withstanding the rough and bumps of everyday use, they protect you from mud and water splashes, giving all-weather practicality.

Traditional Brooks B67 leather sprung saddle: classically sprung for supreme comfort, it gets you in the right position for some relaxed cruising. The leather allows the saddle to breathe and form to your shape over time becoming uniquely comfortable. With handy rear luggage loops.

Quick-release seatpost with saddle micro-adjustment: Allows saddle height to be adjusted and secured with ease and without the need for tools. Fine-tuning of the saddle position and angle can also be achieved for improved/individual comfort.

Protective chainguard: a streamlined chainguard that protects you from greasy oil marks, and helps prevent your attire from catching in the chain.

Robust tyres with extra puncture protection and reflective side-walls: Hard-wearing tyres with secure tread design and an inner SmartGuard layer made from a flexible, special rubber that offers extra resistance to shards of glass and pins. A reflective band around the circumference of the tyre walls provide extra visibility after darkness.

All Tredz bikes are:

  • Fully built {amp}amp; ready to ride
  • Fully checked {amp}amp; tested by Cytech qualified mechanics
  • Available with 0% APR finance on baskets over £99
  • UK price match
  • 365 day no hassle returns
  • Free delivery in the UK Mainland on a date that suits you

In the box with every Tredz bike is:

  • Free Tredz 9 key trail tool
  • Free Tredz pedal spanner
  • Free basic pedals
  • Tredz drawstring kit bag
  • 16 point quality control check sheet
  • Basic bike setup instructions
  • Free Cycle Plan insurance voucher (8 weeks)

Occasionally, without notice, manufacturers change product design and/or specifications.

I’ve got one and planning on selling it (TBH if you offer me a crate of nice beer I’ll take the swap).

Ridelow 24″ lowrider, think it was a one off imported by ridelow, originally owned by Ged “the head” (MTB/BMX legend and Brooklyn importer)

looks a bit like this, but with solid tripple clamp forks (because steering accuracy matters with a 30deg head angle) and 24″ wheels.

<img src="data:image/svg xml,» alt=»» title=»» class=»bbcode-image» data-lazy-src=»×550.jpg»>

Your’s for 24 bottles of nice microbrewery beer (seems fitting seeing as I bought it while drunk)

As my friend says, we have a Princess Sovereign for sale. My wife also really likes it and has used it with the trailerbike with the children. We bought it for that purpose but the school run has changed and it is now not getting the use it should, we were also using it for trundles out but we have tended to go mountain biking more was well.

As for weight my wife is 5’1″ and 50kg wet through. Her other bikes are a Soda at under 22lb and a Look racer, she has no problem with the Pashley even on the hills with the trailer bike, it just rides and rolls really nicely, I do agree though if you have to lift it up onto car roofs or carry it anywhere, not good for that!

We’re looking for about £450 . its the 17″ model in Buckingham green. It was very hard to get hold of I know that the back order was 3 months.

email in profile if you’re interested but I’ll be putting it on ebay if no interest on here.

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