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Gram to Ounces Conversion Formula

The conversion formula for ounces to grams is 1 ounce = 28.3495231 grams.

The conversion formula for ounces to grams is 1 gram = 0.0352740 ounces.

Other weight conversions for cooking

1 gram (g) is equal to 0.03527396195 ounces (oz).

1 g = 0.03527396195 oz

The mass m in ounces (oz) is equal to the mass m in grams (g) divided by

m(oz) = m(g) / 28.34952

Grams (g) Ounces (oz)
0 g 0 oz
1 g 0.0353 oz
2 g 0.0706 oz
3 g 0.1058 oz
4 g 0.1411 oz
5 g 0.1764 oz
6 g 0.2116 oz
7 g 0.2469 oz
8 g 0.2822 oz
9 g 0.3175 oz
10 g 0.3527 oz
20 g 0.7055 oz
30 g 1.0582 oz
40 g 1.4110 oz
50 g 1.7637 oz
60 g 2.1164 oz
70 g 2.4692 oz
80 g 2.8219 oz
90 g 3.1747 oz
100 g 3.5274 oz
1000 g 35.2740 oz

Ounces to Grams ►

1 ounce (oz) is equal to 28.34952 grams (g).

1 oz = 28.34952 g

The mass m in grams (g) is equal to the mass m in ounces (oz)
times 28.34952:

m(g) = m(oz) × 28.34952

Ounces (oz) Grams (g) Kilograms Grams (kg g)
0 oz 0 g 0 kg 0 g
0.1 oz 2.835 g 0 kg 2.835 g
1 oz 28.35 g 0 kg 28.35 g
2 oz 56.70 g 0 kg 56.70 g
3 oz 85.05 g 0 kg 85.05 g
4 oz 113.40 g 0 kg 113.40 g
5 oz 141.75 g 0 kg 141.75 g
6 oz 170.10 g 0 kg 170.10 g
7 oz 198.45 g 0 kg 198.45 g
8 oz 226.80 g 0 kg 226.80 g
9 oz 255.15 g 0 kg 255.15 g
10 oz 283.50 g 0 kg 283.50 g
20 oz 566.99 g 0 kg 566.99 g
30 oz 850.49 g 0 kg 850.49 g
40 oz 1133.98 g 1 kg 133.98 g
50 oz 1417.48 g 1 kg 417.48 g
60 oz 1700.97 g 1 kg 700.97 g
70 oz 1984.47 g 1 kg 984.47 g
80 oz 2267.96 g 2 kg 267.96 g
90 oz 2551.46 g 2 kg 551.46 g
100 oz 2834.95 g 2 kg 834.95 g
1000 oz 28349.52 g 28 kg 349.52 g

Grams to Ounces ►

Here is a handy conversion chart for ounces to grams weight conversions for cooking measurements.

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-3865" src="data:image/svg xml,» alt=»oz to g» width=»2622″ height=»1730″ data-lazy-srcset=»https://www.errenskitchen.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/oz-to-g.jpg 2622w, https://www.errenskitchen.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/oz-to-g-300×198.jpg 300w, https://www.errenskitchen.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/oz-to-g-1024×676.jpg 1024w» data-lazy-sizes=»(max-width: 2622px) 100vw, 2622px» data-lazy-src=»https://www.errenskitchen.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/oz-to-g.jpg»>

Please note: All conversions are approximate weights

1/2 oz 15g
1 oz 30g
2 oz 60g
3 oz 90g
4 oz 110g
5 oz 140g
6 oz 170g
7 oz 200g
8 oz 225g
9 oz 255g
10 oz 280g
11 oz 310g
12 oz 340g
13 oz 370g
14 oz 400g
15 oz 425g
1 lb 450g


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Sep 3, 2011:
When we use the measurement units, we rarely think about their history. Have you ever thought if the gram unit come before the ounce unit, or in reverse, the ounce unit came before the gram unit.
Below is the decree with which in France the measuring units were defined back in 1795, translated to English.

1. The time prescribed by the decree of 1 August 1793 for the use of new weights and measures is continued, as to its mandatory provisions, until the National Convention held there again because of advances in manufacturing; However, citizens are invited to give evidence of their commitment to the unity and indivisibility of the Republic, using now the new measures in their calculations and business transactions.

2. There will be only one standard of weights and measures throughout the Republic: it will be a Platinum Rule will be drawn on which the meter was adopted for the fundamental unity of the whole system of measures.
This standard will be executed with great precision, from the experiments and observations of the commissioners of its determination and will be deposited close to the legislative body, and the minutes of the operations that have been used to determine, so that they can be checked at all times.

3. It will be sent in each district capital of a model conforming to the standard prototype that has just been mentioned, and also a model of weight exactly deduce the system of the new measures. These models will be used in the manufacture of all kinds of measures used for civil purposes.

4. The extreme precision that will be given to the platinum standard that can not affect the accuracy of the usual measures, these measures continue to be manufactured according to the length of the meter adopted by the previous decrees.

5. The new measures will now be distinguished by the nickname Republican, and their nomenclature is finally adopted as follows:
We will call: Meter, measuring length equal to one ten-millionth part of the arc of the meridian between the north pole and the equator.
Are, the measurement of area, for land, equal to a square with a ten meter side. Stere, the measure designed specifically for the firewood, which will equal the cubic meter.
Litre, the capacity measure for both liquids and solids for which the capacity will be the cube of the one tenth of a meter.
Gram, the absolute weight of a volume of pure water equal to the cube of one hundredth of a meter, and temperature of melting ice.
Finally, the unit of currency to be known as franc, to replace the livre in use until today.

6. The tenth of a meter is decimeter, and the hundredth to be called centimeter.
Decimeter to be called a measure equal to ten meters: this provides a very convenient position for the survey.
Hectometer means length of one hundred meters.
Finally, kilometer and myriametre are lenghts of a thousand and ten thousand meters, and refers primarily to measures routes.

7. The names of other kinds of measures will be determined based on the same principles as those of the previous article:
So deciliter is a measure of capacity ten times smaller than a liter; centigram will be the hundredth part of the weight of a gram.
The same way decalitre to designate a measure containing ten liters; hectolitre, a measurement equal to one hundred liters; one kilogram is a thousand grams of weight.
The names of all other measures are composed in a similar manner.
However, when we want to express tenths or hundredths of the franc, the currency unit, we will use words decime and centime, already received under the earlier decrees.

8. In weight and capacity measures, each measure decimals of these two types will have a double and half, to give to the sale of various items all the comforts that one could want. So there will be double-liter and half-liter, double-hectogram and half-hectogram, and so on.

9. To make the replacement of old measures easier and less expensive, it will be executed by the parties and at different times. These times will be enacted by the National Convention as soon as the Republican measures to find manufactured in sufficient quantities, and everything that relates to the implementation of these changes has been prepared. The new system will first be introduced in the banknotes and coins, then in the linear measurements or long and gradually extended to all other

10. The operations for determining the unit of measurement of length and weight, deduced from the size of the Earth, begun by the Academy of Sciences and monitored by the Commission temporary measures, as a result of the decrees of 8 May 1790 and 1 August 1793, will be continued until full completion by individual commissioners, chosen mainly from among the scholars who have contributed so far, and the list will be adopted by the Committee of Public Instruction. Through these provisions, the administration called Temporary Committee of Weights and Measures is dismissed.

11. It will be formed to replace the temporary agency, composed of three members, who will be responsible, under the authority of the Board of Education, of all that concerns the renewal of weights and measures, except the operations entrusted to the commissioners individuals which are mentioned in the previous article.
The members of this agency will be appointed by the National Convention, on the proposal of its Committee of Public Instruction. Their treatment shall be settled by the committee through consultation with the finance.

12. The main functions of the temporary agency will:
1 Seek and use the best means to facilitate the manufacture of new weights and measures for the uses of all citizens;
2 ° To provide for the making and sending models to be used for verification of measures in each district;
3 ° to compose and disseminate appropriate instructions to learn about the new measures and their relationship with the former;
4 to deal with provisions that would become necessary to regulate the use of republican measures and submit to the Committee of Public Instruction, who will report to the National Convention;
5 ° to stop the statements of expenditure for all the operations required the determination and establishment of new measures so that these expenses can be paid by the Board of Education;
6 ° Finally, to correspond with the constituted authorities and citizens throughout the Republic, on everything that will be useful to hasten the renewal of weights and measures.

13. The manufacture of republican measures will be made, as far as possible, by machines, to meet the accuracy ease and speed of processes, and therefore to make the purchase of an action prices low for citizens.

14. Agency temporary support research machines most advantageous: it will control, if necessary, to the most skilled artists, or propose to contest the circumstances. It may also give encouragement or advances, materials or machinery, to entrepreneurs who make commitments suitable for any substantial part of the production of new weights and measures. But in all these cases, the agency will be required to take leave of the Committee of Public Instruction.

15. The temporary agency will determine the shapes of different kinds of measurements, and materials they need to be made, so their use is the best possible.

16. 11 will be engraved on each of these measures particularly their name and will be also marked with a punch of the Republic who will guarantee their accuracy.

17. There will for this purpose in each district, auditors responsible for affixing the stamp. Determining their number and their functions will be part of the regulations that the agency prepare, and then be submitted to the National Convention by its Committee of Public Instruction.

18. The choice of measures appropriate to each type of goods will take place so that, in ordinary cases, it does not need to fractions smaller than hundredths.
The agency will explore ways to accomplish this object, by deviating as little as possible usage of trade.

19. Instead of the tables of the relationship between old and new measures, which were ordered by the decree of May 8, 1790, will be made ​​of graphic scales to assess these reports without the need for any calculation. The agency is responsible for giving them the most advantageous, to indicate the method, and to spread as much as necessary.

20. To facilitate trade relations between France and foreign countries, it will be made ​​under the direction of the agency, a book that will provide the reports of French measures with those of the main cities of commerce of other nations.

21. To meet all expenses relating to the establishment of the new measures, as well as advances essential to the success of this operation, there will be provisionally allocated a fund of five hundred thousand pounds, the National Treasury held for that purpose in available to the Board of Education.

22. The provision of the law of 4 Frimaire 2, which mandates the use of decimal division of the day or part thereof, is suspended indefinitely.

23. Articles laws prior to this decree, and who are contrary, are repealed.

24. Immediately after the publication of this decree, the manufacturing steps of the former is forbidden in France, and all imports of the same objects from abroad, under threat of confiscation and a fine of double the value of such objects.
The Committee on civil administration, police and courts, and the national income are charged with implementing this article.

25. Once the prototype standard measures of the Republic has been tabled in the Legislature by the Commissioners of its making, it will be a monument to house and protect it from the ravages of time.
The temporary agency will handle the project in advance of this monument to spend the most indestructible creation of the republic, the triumphs of the French people, and the status of where the lights have come in breast.

26. The Committee of Public Instruction is responsible for taking all means of detail necessary for the execution of this Order and the entire renewal of weights and measures throughout the Republic.
It will offer successively to the Convention that the laws will depend on it.

27. The temporary agency will report its operations to the Commission on Public Instruction and the Committee of the name with which it may correspond directly to the speed of operations.

28. 11 is directed to all constituted authorities, as well as public officials, to compete with all their might to the major operation of the renewal of weights and measures.

Common Ounce to Gram Conversion Table

Common ounce to gram conversions used in cooking are given in the table below (results are rounded to
the nearest gram).

Ounces ¼ ½ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Grams 7 14 28 57 85 113 142 170 198 227 255 284 312 340 369 397 425 454

Full Ounce to Gram Conversion Tables

Conversions for gram measurements commonly used in the kitchen are given in the table below (results are rounded to
the nearest ¼ ounce below 100g, to the nearest ½ ounce up to 250g and to the nearest ounce thereafter).

Grams 10 25 50 75 100 125 150 200 250 300 400 500 750 1000
Ounces ¼ ¾ 7 9 11 14 18 26 35

Full Gram to Ounce Conversion Tables: 0-800g | 800-1600g


Convert 5g to Ounces:

m(oz) = 5 g / 28.34952 = 0.17637 oz

Convert 5 oz to grams:

m(g) = 5 oz × 28.34952 = 141.7476 g

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