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Deborah’s Second Featherweight

Friends, I simply couldn’t wait till 2012 to show you my refinished Singer Featherweight table, which I fished out of the trash only one week ago.  Ready?

Ta da!  (Click on pics for bigger view)



Here’s what I used — which cost less than $20 total:

1) Small (8 oz) can of Minwax Polycrylic (clear satin finish).  I used less than half the can on this project.

2) Minwax wood filler.  I didn’t have to use the wood filler, but there were a few deep gouges I wanted to fill.  Perfectly smooth edges are more important to me than the visible mark, which the unstained wood filler does leave, since I’ll be sliding fabric over the table edges.

3) Three grades of sandpaper: 100, 150, and 220.  The lower the number, the grittier the paper.  The 100 and 150 were for sanding off the old finish.  The 220 was to sand between coats of Polycrylic. 

4) I applied the Polycrylic with a small foam brush that cost only about 79 cents and did a superb job.  Between coats (I needed to wait two hours before reapplying Polycrylic) I rinsed the brush with soap and water — it cleans up very easily.  I applied four coats total, sanding (and wiping clean the dust) between coats.

Even though I didn’t stain the wood, it darkened to a lovely light honey color.  As I mentioned earlier, I decided not to paint the wood edges black; I prefer them natural. 

I’m excited about using this table in the new year — and every time I look at beat up wood furniture I now think to myself, Could I refinish that?  It’s addictive.  Obviously this Featherweight table is about as easy a refinishing job as you could choose, especially since the original finish was already badly broken down.

The table fully stripped.

I think this table needs a permanent place in the living room, so something else will have to go, and please don’t say Patti Playpal.  Maybe those dogs…

Readers, that’s all the news on this last day of 2011.

Happy New Year, everybody!

Recently, my sister Deb came to Iowa to visit her grandkids (she lives in Nashville). Her secondary motive was to PICK UP HER SECOND FEATHERWEIGHT sewing machine.

Although I know you may be getting tired of this topic — apparently, THERE IS NO END TO MY FEATHERWEIGHT LOVE. And the stories just keep coming. (Please note — I do try to limit my Featherweight blogs to once a week.)

To review — Deborah bought her FIRST Featherweight the week after our Sisters Sewing Retreat in July. She drove all the way to St. Louis to buy a WHITE Featherweight.(see this link)…

The same week she bought her White Featherweight, she saw a 1953 Featherweight WITH A TABLE listed in Davenport, Iowa, on Craigslist.  That happens to be her birthday year — and before that moment in time, none of us realized there was any such thing as a Featherweight table??!!

I went with her to look at the machine/table. But the price was $675. And when we went to see it, the machine was kind of rough…the belt was broken, there was no case…so, Deb took a pass.

Then, three weeks later — I saw the very same sewing machine and table listed on eBay — still for $675.  The guy had tried to glue the belt together…  hummm…

The listing ran out, and the guy never got a bid. Deb still had his cellphone number, so she called and offered him $325.

AND HE ACCEPTED HER OFFER. Oh my!! Because he is near me, I picked the machine and table up — and could hardly wait to do a complete spa treatment…oil, lube, new belt. CARMON AND CHRISTIAN HENRY would be very proud of me!! And she is a beauty. SHE SEWS a perfect seam…
But maybe the BEST PART of Deb’s deal is the folding Singer Featherweight table.  WHICH WAS IN NEARLY PERFECT CONDITION.
Deb invited us all over for dinner.  She made shrimp and grits AND key-lime pie!!
I’m telling you — that Featherweight fits SO PERFECTLY into the table top.
The Sewing Sisters.  Deb, me, Deena and Ronda. 
Deena is doing some ironing….WHAT’S THAT??!!

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