Chords for Dry The River

Weights And Measures Chords — Dry The River

Chords for Dry The River

If you really want to experience this album, put your headphones on and turn it up as loud as it will go. That way you’ll get the best of this heart-wrenching, soul-moving five piece from London. Dry the River pour so much emotion into their songs you won’t know what to do with yourself. There’s a sadness in the songs that will make you want to cry, but the combination of music, lyrics and Peter Liddle’s beautifully melodic voice will haul you back into feeling elated before you can shed a tear.

Formed in 2009, Dry the River have a number of favourable reviews under their belt, having played on both sides of the Atlantic before they head off to Europe to show off their skills. Their new EP Weights and Measures is perfectly weighted with the five members of the band and deals with the ever-shifting balance between love and loss. Produced by Peter Katis, who can boast working with both The National and Interpol, the record is available in a digital format as well as a limited edition 10”.

The title track, Weights and Measures echoes a sentiment that we’ve all felt: ‘I was prepared to love you and never expect anything of you’. Even if you’ve not recently felt a loss you’ll understand that ‘familiar sting of the wood cutter’s swing to the tree’. You’ll be drawn in by Liddle’s voice and the wonderful mix of guitars and violins which allows the music to alternate between relaxed acoustics, raw chords and classical melodies. The lyrics deal with dark aspects of life, as in Bible Belt – ‘lo and behold your mother is drinking again’ – which matches the darkness of winter that’s settling in. The cold is mentioned a number of times throughout the tracks, which contributes to the seamless composition of this album.

That said, there’s enough diversity between the tracks to stop you feeling bored and keep you wanting more. When dealing with such emotion one would expect clichés of a kind, but none can be found in this work. It’s all original and personal and will have you trying to sing along even if you don’t know the lyrics. This band is human and it shows through in their work; they’re not trying to fool you, just sing out their experience in a way that we can all relate to. Sweet and strong, all at the same time there’s an epic element to the music that will get your heart trying to dance to the beat.

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Sara West

You’ve made your decision now get up and leave

The familiar sting of the woodcutters swing to the tree

I’ll fall in the forest to elbows and knees.

And it won’t make a sound since there’s no one around here to see

I was prepared to love you

And never expect anything of you

If a spirit has left you baby don’t lie to yourself

Put them old records on and admit that it’s gone somewhere else

Just because we’re beasts of blame by nature doesn’t mean that you should carry it again

It’s a question of needs, and not rosary beads, in the end

I was prepared to love you

And never expect anything of you

But there’s no patron saint of silent restraint

There ain’t no sword in our lake

Just a funeral wake

You were the coldest star in the sky

Only I couldn’t see it I was blind

In come the black night calling your name since you were born

Only I couldn’t hear it I was empty as a drum

I was prepared to love you

And never expect anything of you

But there no patron saint of silent restraint

There ain’t no sword in our lake

There ain’t no sword in our lake

There ain’t no sword in our lake

Just a funeral wake.

Stop what you’re doing for five minutes, and just watch this. If the phone rings, ignore it; if the doorbell rings, ignore it; dont try and write an e-mail at the same time, or check if your ex is currently in a relationship. Just take five minutes to get lost in this moment from Glastonbury 2010.

Dry The River. Watching them play really is the only way to do this band justice. Experiencing their sound, hearing the violin weave through that hot smokey musical haze that you only feel inside a festival tent. Seeing the sweat dripping from their clothes, the emotion in their faces as they try to hit the highest of notes, the quiver in their voices that makes you believe every lyric and every element of the song has come straight from the heart.

I feel priviliged to have seen Dry The River on a few special occasions over the past year. That sunny sunday afternoon at Glastonbury, last week recording a session at Abbey Road during our Musicians’ Masterclass, and at an Oxjam gig at London’s 93 Feet East. Every time their performances have made my hairs stand on end. They write beautiful songs, but I think it’s the passion and feeling they pour into every performance that really creates something special.

As the violin ever so softly and gracefully began on their Abbey Road recording, you could almost feel the other members holding their breath and standing perfectly still, in order to achieve the level of purity and elegance the song deserved.

They are a five-piece from London, lead by singer/guitarist/medical student Peter Liddle, but rather than going into any more detail, once again I think it’s better to just listen. There’s no better place to start than with this week’s tip, Weights and Measures. It’s the latest track to occupy the BBC Introducing slot on the Radio 1 playlist, so listen out for it all this week.

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I realise this has been an emotionally charged post, but when a band comes along that genuinely strike a chord deep inside, I think it deserves an emotional response. In a world where meaningless hits are churned off the conveyer belt week in, week out, and stars can be manufactured overnight with big money behind them, it’s so refreshing to hear music that has meaning, that has purpose, that completely captures the audience when it’s played live, and above all, music that is real.


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Family Tree- Dry The River

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