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Can Patons worsted wool be felted?

Can Patons worsted wool be felted?

(?)Wool Roving Yarn & Felting WoolWool Roving Yarn & Felting Wool
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Can Patons worsted wool be felted?

Wool Roving Yarn & Felting Woolmarilyngf(a regular here)

as long as it is pure wool and not superwash

Wool Roving Yarn & Felting Woolknit4ES(a regular here)

Here’s the info on one site… it does seem that since it is hand-wash that it would felt
Patons Classic Wool Worsted is a soft, premium 100% wool yarn. With a versatile worsted weight and a wide shade range, Patons Classic Wool Worsted is perfect for garments, accessories, and home décor projects
Content: 100% wool
Ball Size: 100g / 3.5 oz, 192 meters / 210 yards
Care: Hand wash and dry flat
Gauge: 4 – Worsted
Knitting Gauge: 20 sts and 26 rows with a 4.5 mm (U.S. 7) knitting needle

Patons Classic wool — yes. Felts up quite quickly (a hat takes 10 minutes in my washing machine — may be quicker in some)

Patons Classic superwash — no.


Wool Roving Yarn & Felting WoolKatsch(a regular here)

Yes it will

Wool Roving Yarn & Felting WoolNeeterbug(a regular here)

My favorite yarn for felting.

Wool Roving Yarn & Felting Woolapette

Neeterbug wrote:

My favorite yarn for felting.

Mine too.

Wool Roving Yarn & Felting Woolaliand

Yes, its what I use for making felted French style berets.

Wool Roving Yarn & Felting Woolroseknit(a regular here)

Felts beautifully

Wool Roving Yarn & Felting WoolRoxyCatlady

As others have said — yes, it does. And I love the finished effect (as compared to other wools). I’ve used it for making felted tote bags.

Wool Roving Yarn & Felting WoolEllie RD(a regular here)

I made a headband for my husband and it was too big. I threw it into a mesh bag and into the washer, not realizing it would felt. It did and now it fits perfectly and is very warm.

Wool Roving Yarn & Felting WoolChemchic

The 100% wool is the BEST for felting. ( the one that won’t felt is the one labeled with Superwash)

Wool Roving Yarn & Felting Woolknit4zen

dancewithmarg wrote:

Patons Classic wool — yes. Felts up quite quickly (a hat takes 10 minutes in my washing machine — may be quicker in some)

Patons Classic superwash — no.


I agree! I’ve felted many projects using Patons classic wool.

Yes, my favorite, for felting

Neeterbug wrote:

My favorite yarn for felting.

Ditto Wool Roving Yarn & Felting Wool


Cocoa wrote:

Wow! I have used this yarn for felting many times but never for simply a straight wool knitted item. I have some right now I want to use for a pullover sweater. Should I reconsider? I have used Lion Brand 100% Fishermans wool for two sweaters and had no problem with felting. ( I have also intentionally felted it. It too felts beautifully).

I am curious as to how you launderd the Patons wool. Could that have been the problem? If not, I may have to rethink using this for my sweater. Anyone else have any experience making a sweater with this yarn?

Wow! I have used this yarn for felting many times… (

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I just handwash anything I’ve made from it that I don’t want to have felted.

Also, part of the felting process — making the item at a larger gauge than normal, or knitted loosely, so that there is room for it to felt. If you knit with the wool to a tight gauge, it doesn’t felt, or at least, very little. Imagine the difference between squeezing a rubber ball and squeezing a sponge — there is more room to compress the sponge than the ball…. So, when making something that you want to felt, you generally use a larger needle, and make the item bigger. Yes, a sweater can felt if not washed carefully, because it isn’t knit tightly, so it will have a more soft drape.

100% pure and premium wool makes this one of Patons’ finest yarns. The timeless shade range and the supreme quality make for classic yet contemporary garments and accessories. It’s also the hidden gem in the world of felting, as this is the ideal yarn for fabulous felted projects.

Weight: Medium (4)

Contents: 100% wool

Skein Weight: 3.50 oz. / 100 g

Yardage: 210 yd. / 192 m

Knitting Gauge:

20 sts – 26 rows = 4″ (10 cm)

Crochet Gauge:

14 sc – 17 rows = 4″ (10 cm)

Suggested Knitting Needle:

4.50 mm, US — 7

Suggested Crochet Hook:

5.00 mm, US — H/8

Cascade Yarns 220

Explore wool yarns for felting

No, I don’t do needlework.

But I am married to the world’s best knitter!

And she’s so much more than a knitter; for a while now, my wife has been turning Alpaca fleece into roving, spinning that roving into yarn, than using her knitty-knotty to turn the yarn into a hank.

But when it was time to turn a home-made (or store-bought) hank into a ball of yarn for knitting, my qualified and highly skilled (!) arms and hands were needed.

Any husband that was enlisted to hold apart a hank, and moving it just right while the wife balled up the yarn, can probably relate to my experience and feelings.

So for Christmas, I wanted to give her (and subsequently, my tired arms …) the gift of a swift, so she could ball up her hanks of yarn whenever she needed to, even when neither myself nor any of the kids were around to

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