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Lindsay has choreographed and starred in over 50 DVDs made just for moms.  Creator of Moms Into Fitness DVDs and Downloadable workouts, she holds a B.S.E. in Exercise Science.  As a pre/postnatal Fitness Specialist her company certifies other fitness professionals in the pre/postnatal field.

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On Sundays, we will send a plan for the week and you determine where you line up! No judgement, no planning, just nurturing yourself as you feel appropriate. Let’s get started!

21 Day Jumpstart

This is a 21-day program for those that are ready to get back at it but haven’t done much recently. I will show you how to gradually get started without risking injury or beginning too hard too fast.


Let us take the uncertainty out of exercising during those special months by choosing from our pregnancy and postnatal workouts geared towards both the active pregnancy and the more traditional pregnancy.


When you find that your daily energy is lacking and your workouts leave you feeling ho-hum, try out our Restorative Program – a collection of low-impact workouts that will reboot, retrain and rejuvenate all moms from the inside out. Includes diastasis recti exercises.


Running alone isn’t the silver bullet to losing weight. In order to be an effective weight loss tool, running needs to be combined with cross-training as well as proper nutrition. Our running programs are perfectly sequence your cross-training.

Diastasis Recti

A series of core-specific workouts will help you train your core from the inside out by strengthening the transverse abdominus (or TA). This program will teach you how to use your inner core muscles, how to do arm and leg exercises while keeping the belly tissues safe and slowly add traditional exercises as the condition gets better.


Have you dreamed of being that svelte athlete again (or maybe at all)? Well, it takes a combination of proven training methods to give you the strength, stamina and stability you need to get in tip-top cardiovascular condition using our 60-day superfit programs.


With just a few clicks, you can design workout routines to suit your particular mood, whereabouts and specific time frame. Choose from HIIT, barreless, low impact, diastasis-friendly, core, flexibility, arms, legs, buns, and cardio.


Lindsay Brin Pretty Fierce Weight Loss DVD Set

Finally, pure exercise science for maximum results all catered to moms! This Weight Loss program is an 8 DVD, 60-day toning program for moms who have 10 or more lbs. to lose!

You have a lean body let this Weight Loss DVD challenge you to find it again! Don t be tempted by quick fixes or fad-methods of exercise. Moms Into Fitness is continually researching and bringing you the best, most efficient nutrition and exercise to fit your life. The program includes proven Inner Core Techniques that use the PF and TA to pull your mommy tummy muscle in, as well as HIIT, Tabata, Loading, and more. The new Hybrid workouts include these techniques to streamline your results!

With proven methods like Tabata and HIIT increasing the intensity of this program, it is not recommended for you unless you have a consistent workout routine and your last child was born at least 6 months ago.

Join 5 moms with stories just like yours. This 60-day program brings it all together the ultimate combination of strength and cardio includes:
Muscle Splits for lean muscle and max calorie burn, because lean tissue burns fat.
Tabata Training for cardio endurance.
Cardio Plyometrics to increase fitness levels.
Yoga for long, lean muscles.
Shredding to tackle a comprehensive workout in under 30 minutes.
HIIT Toning to teach your body to burn calories during lower intensity intervals.
Five Core workouts, each designed to exercise your abdominals in a different way (includes ab workouts to repair diastasis recti).
time to improve results.

Plus our Flex Schedule, Hybrid Calendar, OutDoor Options {amp}amp; Nutrition Training to streamline FAST results.
**Pretty FierceTM: Weight Loss is part of the Moms Into FitnessTM Pretty Fierce Series. Try Weight Loss, Lean Out or Sport {amp}amp; Movement!

As seen on TV, Moms Into Fitness® creator Lindsay Brin, C.P.T. {amp}amp; B.S.E. Exercise Science, is a pre/post-natal fitness expert, international author, and DVD fitness professional. She has starred in and choreographed 33 fitness DVDs designed for moms, based on her research with Major Universities. Brin’s programs are used to certify other fitness professionals. And her expertise can been found in Fit Pregnancy and Mom and Baby Magazines as well as on Target shelves.

Pretty Fierce Weight Loss: Cardio Plyometrics


Cardio Plyometrics (30 min)

Stack One (13 min-includes warmup)

Stack Two (8 min)

Stack Three (8 min)

Warm-up: 5 minutes

Workout: 25 minutes (cardio)

Total Workout Time: 30 minutes

Pretty Fierce Weight Loss: Yoga


Why Yoga (1 min)

Yoga Basics (2 min)

Yoga (13 min)

Yoga Hybrid (15 min)

Yoga: 13 minutes (yoga stretch)

Yoga Hybrid: 15 minutes (yoga with weights)

Pretty Fierce Weight Loss: Loading

HIIT Hybrid: 23 minutes (cardio-toning intervals)

Pretty Fierce Weight Loss: Fit Test {amp}amp; Five Core Workouts


Intro (4 min)

Fit Test (11 min)

Core A (9 min)

Core B (6 min)

Core C (7 min)

Core D (6 min)

Core E (11 min)

Core A: 9 minutes (toning)

Core B: 6 minutes (toning)

Core C: 7 minutes (toning)

Core D: 6 minutes (toning)

Core E: 11 minutes (toning)

Pretty Fierce Weight Loss: Shredding


Shredding (30 min)

Shredding with Finale (34 min)

Shredding: 30 minutes (cardio-toning intervals)

Pretty Fierce: Weight Loss Muscle Splits Upper Body


Warmup (4 min)

Chest/Back/Shoulders (19 min)

Biceps/Triceps (12 min)

Warm-up: 4.5 minutes

Chest/Back/Shoulders: 19 minutes

18 minutes (toning)

1 minute (stretch)

Biceps/Triceps: 12 minutes

11 minutes (toning)

1 minute (stretch)

Pretty Fierce: Weight Loss Muscle Splits Lower Body


Warmup (4 min)

Glutes/Outer/Inner thighs (21 min)

Quadriceps/Hamstrings (15 min)

Warm-up: 4.5 minutes (same as Upper Body)

Glutes/Outer/Inner thighs: 21.5 minutes

19.5 minutes (toning)

2 minutes (stretch)

Quadriceps/Hamstrings: 15 minutes

14 minutes (toning)

1 minute (stretch)

Product Description

A pure hybrid of the latest and greatest exercise methods. We use a combination of HIIT, Tabata, Shredding, Flexibility and large/small muscle split training. So does doing harder, more efficient workouts mean a beginner cannot do this program? Heck no! It s a progressive program, and you will see big changes over the next 60 days!

5 Progressive Core Workouts
Each designed to exercise your abdominals in a different way. 5-8 minutes each

Muscle Splits
For lean, fat burning muscle and maximum calorie burn. 12-22 minutes each

Tabata Training
For increased cardio endurance. Great for conditioned and un-conditioned moms. 28 Minutes

Cardio Plyomterics
A fun workout to increase your cardiovascular fitness! 30 Minutes

So your body learns to burn fat in full intensity mode as well as recovery periods. 24 Minutes

Alternate bouts of cardio and bouts of strength. 34 Minutes

Yoga {amp}amp; Yoga Hybrid
Stretching sessions for long, lean muscles. 13 15 Minutes

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