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Do you need ohaus scales balances {amp}amp; parts and not sure which are the proper ohaus scales balances {amp}amp; parts for your application? Just one call to our scale facility and we provide you with the exact scale that will perform your weighing and balancing needs.

Our expert scales staff will assist you in quickly finding the correct scales or scale parts so your organization can continue to operate and do business as usual. At All Scale Shop we not only provide you with the right product at the right price, but we do so as quickly as possible.

For more information about our products and services, or to order ohaus scales balances {amp}amp; parts today, call our scale distribution center at (201) 475-9184.

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Ohaus Scales | Ohaus Balances Weighing Equipment

Ohaus offers a diverse line of digital scales including analytical balances, precision lab scales, moisture analyzers, electronic bench scales and mechanical scales when accurate weighing results are required.

Ohaus Scout SPX compact scales are very popular and offer a great value with a wide range of capacities with excellent resolutions for general weighing jobs. Other popular models are the Ohaus Defender bench scales, Ohaus Adventurer lab scales, Ohaus Adventurer analytical balances, Valor food portion control scales and the new Ohaus SJX legal for trade jewelry scales.

This site is owned and operated by Precision Weighing Balances and is not sponsored by or affiliated with Ohaus. For warranty, parts and technical related issues please call Ohaus directly at 800-672-7722 or 973-377-9000.

  • Ohaus SJX1502N/E NTEP Approved Digital ScaleSale

    1500g x 0.01g (Non-NTEP)
    1500g x 0.1g (NTEP)

    In Stock


    YOU PAY:$667.80

  • Scientific Balance Ohaus Adventurer AX324

    320g x 0.0001g

    Usually ships in 2-4 days


    YOU PAY:$3,607.40

  • Ohaus 1550sd Harvard Trip dual pan mechanical balance

    2000 g x 0.1 g

    In Stock


    YOU PAY:$324.00

  • Ohaus Pioneer Plus PA163C milligram scale

    160 g x 0.001 g

    In Stock


    YOU PAY:$1,065.05

  • Defender 5000 D51P10QR5

    25 lb x 0.002 lb (NON NTEP)

    Usually ships in 2-4 days


    YOU PAY:$1,115.20

  • Ohaus Valor 1000 V11P15 digital general weighing, basic checkweighing scale

    33 lb x 0.005 lb

    In Stock


    YOU PAY:$218.45

  • Ohaus Moisture Analyzer

    90 g x 0.001 g

    In Stock


    YOU PAY:$3,224.05

  • Compact portable scale Ohaus CS200

    200g x 0.1g


    YOU PAY:$119.25

    Out of stock

  • Ohaus EX6202 digital precision lab balance

    6200 g x 0.01 g

    Usually ships in 2-4 days


    YOU PAY:$3,160.30

  • Compact portable scale Ohaus CS2000

    2000 g x 1 g


    YOU PAY:$119.25

    Out of stock

  • NVT16000/1 precision balance Ohaus

    32 lb x 0.002 lb

    In Stock


    YOU PAY:$430.40

  • Ohaus SPX123 Scout Scale

    120 g x 0.001 g

    In Stock


    YOU PAY:$459.20

  • Ohaus Pioneer Pro PA124C analytical laboratory balance

    120 g x 0.0001 g


    YOU PAY:$1,946.50

    Out of stock

  •  Ohaus 71000 triple beam weighing balance

    610 g x 0.1 g

    In Stock


    YOU PAY:$224.10

  • OHAUS A71P30DTNUS Scale

    15-30 lb x 0.01 lb

    In Stock


    YOU PAY:$299.60

  • rugged Ohaus FD6H multi-use electronic portioning scale

    6000 g x 0.2 g

    In Stock


    YOU PAY:$717.60

Ohaus Scale Replacement Parts

Ohaus 30093334 protective dust cover for use with Ohaus Adventurer, Explorer, and Pioneer semi-micro, analytical, and milligram balances that have a draft shield.

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RS232 Interface Kit for Scout Balances, SKX, SJX, SPX, STX Upgrade your OHAUS Scout portable balance to communicate via an RS-232 connection with an RS-232 adapter kit.   Fits Models:   SJX1502N/ESJX323N/ESJX6201N/ESJX622N/ESKX1202 AMSKX123…






OHAUS Ethernet Kit, R31 RC31 R71 V71 This Ethernet interface kit contains an Ethernet PC board, screws (4), an instruction manual, and cabling. Compatible Models Compact Scale, R71MD60 AM R41ME30 AM R41ME3 AM RC41M30 AM R41ME15 AM RC41M15 AM RC41M6 AM…






OHAUS USB Kit, R31 RC31 R71 V71 This USB kit contains a USB PC board, screws (4), pressure button, cabling, CD, and an instructional manual. Compatible Models  RC31P1502 AM RC31P3 AM R41ME30 AM R41ME3 AM RC41M30 AM R41ME15 AM RC41M15 AM RC41M6 AM…

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Request a Call from a CSR

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Customer Service Will Call You
(7:30AM-8PM Eastern Monday-Friday {amp}amp; 8AM-3PM Eastern Saturday)

In Use Cover, No Draft Shield

Service Centers

OHAUS Regional Service Centers (RSC) are your source for professional, quality service on OHAUS balances and scales. Our regional centers extend the capabilities of OHAUS factory-level service out to the field to provide strategic geographic coverage throughout the U.S. Benefits to our customers include fast turnaround time, expert technical support, training, and quality system documentation.

OHAUS Regional Service Centers Offer:

• Expert repair and support for OHAUS weighing products
• Warranty and non-warranty repair of all OHAUS products by factory trained technicians  using original equipment replacement parts
• An economical means of obtaining fast service throughout the U.S. and Canada
• Preventative maintenance, and calibration service, (certified and traceable)
• A loaner equipment program to eliminate downtime
• Field service

(Not all services are offered at all Regional Service Centers)

When You Need Service

OHAUS balances and scales are a critical part of your business because they ensure that your operation is conforming to quality and profitability standards. Downtime or incorrect measurements can lead to disaster. For as much as you depend on your OHAUS product to deliver quality results, you can also depend on OHAUS Regional Service to keep it in top operating condition. Contact your nearest OHAUS Regional Service Center to learn more about the services we provide.

If your balance needs to be shipped to a RSC for repair, it should be packed very carefully. The original packaging is best. Please remember the shipper is only responsible for shipping damage if they damage the product and the damage is evident on the packaging.

Poorly packaged balances can be damaged in shipping without any visible signs of damage to the packaging. Remove all removable items such as platforms, platform supports and line cords and pack them separately. Be sure to ship them with the balance.

Include your shipping and billing addresses and a daytime phone number so that we can contact you. Please include a brief description of the problem you are having or the service you want performed.

The package should be insured for the replacement value of the balance.

East Coast US Locations


Alliance Scale, Inc.
Canton, MA 02021
Phone: (781) 828-8386
Email: service@alliancescale.com
Website: www.alliancescale.com

L.A.W Calibration, LLC
Saco, ME 04072
Phone:  (207) 229-6554 
Email: info@lawcalibration.com
Website: www.lawcalibration.com


Johnson Scale {amp}amp; Balance Co.
Pine Brook, NJ 07058
Phone:  (800) 572-2531 Ext 30 (Service Dept.)
Email: service@johnsonscale.com
Website: www.johnsonscale.net


Wingfield Scale Company
Chattanooga, TN 37404
Phone: (800) 522-9464
Fax: (423) 698-0111
Email: Joseph@wingfieldscale.com
Website: www.wingfieldscale.com

Central US Locations

North Central

Kennedy Scales
Coon Rapids, MN 55448
Phone: (763) 784-1022
Fax: (763) 784-1206
Email: pberning@kennedyscales.com
Website: www.kennedyscales.com

Mid Central

Canton, OH 44706
Phone: (800) 331-2424
Fax: (330) 453-5322
Email: canton@bscales.com
Website: www.brechbuhler.com

Central Illinois Scale Company
Decatur, IL 62526
Phone: (800) 234-5880
Email: Ohaus@CentralillinoisScale.com
Website: www.centralillinoisscale.com

Data Weighing Systems
Wood Dale, IL 60191
Phone: (800) 750-6842
Email: Ohaus@DataWeigh.com
Website: www.dataweigh.com

M2 Scientifics
Holland, MI 49424
Phone: (616) 379-9080
Email:  sales@m2scientifics.com
Website: www.m2scientifics.com

United Scale a Transcat Co.
New Berlin, WI 53151
Phone: (800) 236-1733
Fax: (262) 785-9754
Email:  sales@unitedscale.com
Website: www.unitedscale.com

South Central

Aldinger Company
Dallas, TX 75235
Phone: (888) 822-1299
Fax: (214) 638-1750
Email: service@aldingerco.com
Website: www.aldingerco.com

West Coast US Locations

North West Coast

Quality Control Services
Portland, OR 97214
Tel: (503) 236-2712 Ext 305
Fax: (503) 235-2535
Email: repair@qc-services.com
Website: www.qc-services.com

South West Coast

Data Support Company, Inc.
Panorama City, CA 91402
Phone: (818) 988-7499
Email: sales@dsctest.com
Website: www.dscbalances.com

San Diego Scale
San Diego, CA 92102
Phone: (866) 737-2253
Fax: (619) 262-6181
Email: Paul@SanDiegoscale.com
Website: www.sandiegoscale.com


Eastern Canada

Laboratoire Dispersion, a Transcat Canada Division
9900 Chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse
Lachine, Quebec
H8T 1A1
Phone: (866) 390-5066
Email: coordination@dispersion.ca
Website: www.dispersion.ca

Geneq Inc.
Montreal, Quebec
H1J 1S5
Phone: (800) 463-4363
Fax: (514) 354-6948
Email-French: soutieneclient@dispersion.ca
Email-English: coordination@dispersion.ca
Website: www.geneq.com/en

Central Canada

M {amp}amp; L Testing Equipment, Inc.
Dundas, Ontario
L9H 7H8
Phone: (800) 263-9244
Fax: (905) 689-3978
Email: info@mltest.com
Website: www.mltest.com

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