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Why you should wear Shapewear after Weightloss surgery. VSG/RNY Gastric Sleeve,Bypass

Why you should wear Shapewear after Weightloss surgery. VSG/RNY Gastric Sleeve,Bypass

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November 29, 2017

Using Mskurvygirl high compression garments as soon as you get weight loss surgery will help keep your skin firm.  You’ll also enjoy these other benefits:

  • Shape and reduce your waist line 
  • Lifts and shape buttocks 
  • Eliminate love handles, muffin tops, and back bulges 
  • Post Partum and Post Surgical 
  • Improves posture and provides back support 
  • Ideal for everyday wear
  • Crotchless for restroom convenience
  • Thin adjustable straps  
  • High Compression Powernet Garment

    The incision sites can be a little tender/sore and should be allowed to “breathe” for adequate healing.

    This is why it is recommended not to wear spandex for at least a couple of weeks after bariatric surgery.

    If you want to wear shapewear garments soon after, try to do so for just a couple of hours at a time. However, avoid wearing them for 8 hours at a stretch.

    Even though compression garments smooth out loose and saggy skin, it does not result in the toning of the skin. Some shapewear clothing does provide support and better blood circulation.

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    Body contouring surgery

    The only permanent solution is to have body contouring surgery to remove the skin completely. Most insurance will cover skin removal surgery, as it is deemed medically necessary (tearing, uncontrolled rashes, repeated infection).

    To learn more about body contouring surgery, read our interview with Joshua Fosnot, MD, a plastic surgeon for weight-loss patients.

    If you’re interested in surgery options for loose skin, contact your care team at Penn.

    Compression clothing: not just for athletes

    Having loose skin can be an uncomfortable burden. However, it can also carry with it serious risks. Not only can it be visually unappealing, it may cause rashes and infections. 

    The best ways to help prevent these complications is to reduce skin to skin friction. You can do this by applying powder in between your skin to reduce moisture and chaffing. 

    Also, you should wear compression clothing because it can help hold your skin in place to reduce rubbing. Taking care of your skin by wearing compression clothing will help lower the risks for skin problems.

    In trying to deal with the issue of loose skin, you may have come across different creams or wraps marketed to you that promise to “tighten up” loose skin. Unfortunately, the truth is that there is no magic product that will get rid of extra skin.

    Getting Lap Band or Gastric Surgery? You Need an Abdominal Compression Garment

    Patients undergoing lap band surgery or gastric bypass surgery lose a significant amount of weight on a monthly and yearly basis. The drastic changes in body composition often leave behind loose skin and sagging tissues, which is why some weight loss surgeons recommend that patients wear an abdominal compression garment. Compression garments worn during the weight loss phase and after the weight loss cycle is complete can support healthy circulation and contribute to predictable aesthetic results.

    Here is a closer look at the role abdominal compression garments play in the weight loss cycle:

    Getting the Best Results with Weight Loss Surgery

    Weight loss surgery can be life changing for many patients and offers numerous physical and emotional benefits. Your weight loss surgeon will guide you through the recovery process and also provide you with recommendations for specific lifestyle changes that will help you continue to lose weight until you reach your goal, and then keep the weight off for the long term. Here are some things you can do to get the best possible results with weight loss surgery:

    • Change your meal frequency – your stomach will be smaller after lap band or gastric bypass surgery, so you will need to eat smaller meals throughout the day. Making the lifestyle change of eating small meals every couple of hours may be necessary for you to get all the nutrients you need without compromising your weight loss results.
    • Change your diet – many weight loss patients need to make significant changes to their diets in order to achieve the results they want. You will need to eat more nutrient-dense foods regularly and make sure that you are eating higher-quality, unprocessed foods as well. It is also important to avoid unhealthy snacking between meals. Making changes to your diet and eating habits is critical to weight loss success.
    • Maintain a consistent exercise regimen – whether you enjoy walking, swimming, or going to the gym, you will need to add some type of physical activity to your days for better overall health. Losing the weight may prompt you to take better care of yourself, and exercising regularly is a good way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


    Benefits of an Abdominal Compression Garment After Weight Loss Surgery

    Some weight loss surgeons recommend wearing an abdominal compression garment throughout the course of the weight loss program because the garment can improve circulation while holding the tissues in place as you lose weight. It can also help in improving your posture as your body changes. Even though you are not undergoing liposuction or any type of surgery that involves modifying the tissues, your body will be changing and shifting as you continue losing body fat. Abdominal compression garments from Medical Z are designed to keep the skin and tissues in place while supporting good posture.

    The key benefits of wearing a Medical Z abdominal compression garment after weight loss surgery include:

    • Postural support
    • Supports healthy circulation and ease of movement
    • Keeps loose skin and tissue in place
    • Provides the optimal level of pressure (17–21 mm Hg) to difficult-to-reach areas
    • Virtually invisible under clothes, making it easier to wear form-fitting clothing during the weight loss phase
    • Made from lightweight, breathable material

    You may feel better overall with that extra support around your midsection, especially if you are noticing loose skin due to the weight loss.

    Shop the collection of abdominal compression garments and binders from Medical Z.

    Mind your diet

    Bariatric surgery patients are recommended to eat 60 to 80 grams of protein and drink 48 to 64 ounces of water daily. This is to maintain as much muscle as possible while losing adipose (fat) tissue and to prevent dehydration.

    However, maintaining these requirements also helps improve your skin health as you lose weight. 

    Eating enough protein is necessary for healthy skin because it is mainly made up of protein. Also, getting enough fluids throughout the day will keep your skin hydrated and improve its appearance. 

    There is also some evidence that shows that vitamin C is good for skin health by helping prevent damage from the sun and also aiding in creation of protein for the skin. 

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