mystery ranch sweetpea? — Backpacking Light

mystery ranch sweetpea? — Backpacking Light

I agree with Ray, I bought a GoLite Quest for exactly the reasons the OP mentions. It replaced a Dana Alpine as my winter/load hauler/long trip pack. If I remember correctly mine weighs 3lb 5oz vs 7lb 8oz for the Dana. Not as voluminous as the Dana but it’s large enough for 10-14 day shoulder season trips with temps to 20F, or long weekend trips in winter with temps to 0F or below. I also like the fact that I can take a date on a weekend trip and allow her to only carry a daypack ;). Soon it will be hauling my neice nad nephew’s gear on their first forays into the woods with Uncle Scott.

The suspension is comfortable to around 40 lbs for me; it’s non-adjustable, with a fixed belt, so it won’t fit everyone. One large main compartment with a large zippered front pocket, top lid and stretch-mesh side pockets. Has a taller, slimmer profile than many light packs I’ve used, which I prefer as it allows me to load weight higher and closer to my back; in addition, the load-lifter straps have nice leverage because of the angle the taller profile allows.

The pockets are nice in that they are well-placed, the back pocket is relatively weatherproof, and their low profile makes the pack fairly snag resistant. Hipbelt pockets are nice size, and the side pockets are easily reached for water bottle storage. Inside bladder pocket with complimentary ports. The compression straps can be configured to carry snowshoes or a large CCF pad.

Great pack if you fit one of the sizes, and you can often find killer deals. I think I paid less than $120 with one of the GoLite coupons. Hard to beat that!


Lowe Outback 70 (70 liter), a bit over four pounds, great straps/hip belt, simple bag, zero bells or whistles, just bag, straps, twin aluminum stays, top pocket, easily would hold I’d estimate 40 to 50 pounds, and comfortably. Also easy to find used for probably 50 dollars. Solid materials. It’s very light for being made out of heavy materials with thick hip belt. I picked one of those up used for cheap a while ago, perfect shape. Doubt I’ll use it though, but it’s nice to have the option if I need it. Oddly, the new Outback 65 weighs almost a pound more than the old Outback 70.

I just got a Lowe Zepton 50, 2.5 pounds, I had no problem fitting 8 days of food into it, I could easily have gone to 10 days. And I am not an ultralight (UL) backpacker, just a regular Light one (L). That was with a tent and a synthetic sleeping bag too, and an extra set of camp clothes, and a fleece jacket. And a prolite pad and Gossamer gear 1/8 pad. If I really worked at it and didn’t need a bear cannister, I think I could go 14 days with that pack, the first day or two wouldn’t be super comfortable but after it would be fine. I just noticed that Lowe now has the Zepton XL series for longer backs, so that’s a good range of fits too.

Cost, about $100 on sale,, maybe $120. I can’t really see any way I’d need more room than this has. 35 pounds is I would say about the max weight it can do comfortably, maybe a bit more for the first day if you really wanted to push it. Very comfortable, 30 pounds were no problem at all, no discomfort.

They make a bigger one too, the nanon, which I think goes to 60 liters. That also comes in an XL size for longer backs, as well as being bigger, but seems to be rated at the same weight, so I’d guess that’s a choice for bulkier loads.

Maybe re-evaluate how you are doing your food?

Also, the ULA Circuit main body at 2400 cubic inches is 40 liters (2400 cubic inches in liters: 39.3289536 – when you want to do liter/cubic inch conversions, just type in google: x cubic inches in liters), and I assume because you have to roll up the top some of that is actually not really used. The Lowe Zepton is 50 liters, period. That would explain why I can easily get 8 days of food into it when you are having problems fitting in less. That’s also one reason among several I did not get the Circuit by the way. The Zepton top lid inner and outer pockets probably hold 5 or more liters, not sure, but I don’t believe those are counted in the total, that’s also very useful. If I add in the capacity of putting on some stretch cord to create basically a back pocket, then I could pretend that the Zepton is a 60 liter pack, or whatever, but I don’t do that (pretend outside pockets are part of the capacity, that is, I did add stretch cord to the back).


«what do you do with the hammer perpetuem, nido and starbucks? Do you have a separate bottle for it, or do you just throw it into your normal water bottle?»

I use an old 12 oz wide mouth Nalgene bottle for my Via and granola at breakfast, Then for Pereptuem during the day. After I finish my second serving of Perpetuem, typically mid afternoon, I rinse the bottle VERY thoroughly and let it air dry while I am still hiking. That gets it pretty much odor free, as Perpetuem is not very fragrant to begin with. At night, I fill it with water and take it to bed with me. By morning I have a bottle of water at near body temperature for coffee if I am solo, or to reduce fuel usage if I am with someone and we are heating water. The bottle serves as bowl and bottle, thereby eliminating a separate bowl for cereal, for a total weight of 2.6 oz. I consider it pretty much weight neutral, and a space saver.

The Nido is added to the granola baggie, along with shredded coconut and a little whey protein. Just add water, screw the cap tight, shake, and you’re ready to eat.

«Do you keep the bottle out of your tent at night in case it smells too much like food for bears?»

I don’t worry much about bears smelling the bottle, but if I were in serious bear country, I would probably hang it and do with cold coffee in the morning if solo.

This mid-size, technical daypack offers ready access to your hiking kit via our signature, 3-ZIP design. The SCREE is a versatile pack with an ideal capacity for most of your outdoor adventures. Long days require ample agua, so the SCREE is both hydration compatible as well as offering easy-to-reach water bottle pockets. For smaller essentials you want to keep organized, there’s a spacious zip pocket built into the lid as well as on the waist belt.

«How do McHales last so long with the ultralight materials? Is Spectra especially tough?»

Yes, it most certainly is.

The McHale’s aren’t just made with custom features. They’re made with custom fitting. Dan will work with you help you figure out what you need, get your measurements right, and build a pack that’s basically made to fit your measurements your gear.

You do pay for that, but even if you don’t shell out the extra bux for Dyneema, you’ll end up with a pack that will carry loads astonishingly well, and with less weight than most comparable packs.

I suspect that the average weight of McHale’s packs is over 3 pounds, but that’s because a lot of his packs are quite large. Mine is something like 80L. He’s added smaller packs in recent years, but I haven’t checked them out too much, because the full Dyneema SuperSARC that I got has been perfect for my needs. It actually makes a good day pack with the Bayonet stays, and the lid converts quite nicely and easily into a summit pack. I’ve trekked all over the Cascades with mine for 5 years, and other than being dirty it doesn’t look much different from when it was new. :)

Duh, I’ll update myself. The manual provided stated you can throw in a couple of pillows to give it shape to get the fit right. Did that and didn’t work to well. I threw in 15 pounds of sand and all of a suddent the fit guide starts to make sense, the belt just kind of shifts into place with a load.

I have the livewing upgrade so I think the issue is really removing the live wing when there’s very little weight in the pack. It kind of feels awkward and rides up on you unless it’s tightened to the extreme.

Sorry for the noobness and thanks again for all of your previous help.

Oh and for canadians wanting to to ship from Mystery ranch get them to ship usps. It will cost 35 US. I did have to pay customs which for this pack was 43 bucks.

Shipping was similar with kifaru. The pack I got from them was (Zulu G2) pricier so customs was around 70 I believe but 40 for shipping.

The Zulu is great by the way I especially like that you can shorten the shoulder straps separately which is great for me as my left shoulder is almost an inch higher than my right shoulder. The delt straps are amazing to they really help bring the load close to your hips. Once you fiddle with it for what seems like forever it just fits like a glove. The sweetpea is a good addition when carrying less stuff.

edit: customs from 3 bucks (I wish) to 43 bucks.

Mystery Ranch Sweet Pea

Mystery Ranch Sweet Pea (Yoke size M)

Dubbed the urban twin of the 3DAP, the Sweet Pea features the same 3-ZIP design for easy, rapid access to the interior. The Sweet Pea uses the Futura Yoke to adjust to different torso lengths. Waist belt stows away when not in use.


  • The Futura Yoke easily macro adjusts to the torso length allowing the proper amount of stand-off between the back and frame.


  • Built of custom spec’d 500D CORDURA® with Teflon® and PU coatings for maximum durability, UV, and weather protection
  • YKK® zippers


  • Weight: 1.7kg
  • Volume: 33L
  • Dimensions: 66 x 37 x 28 cm
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