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Cast iron

Cast iron refers to a group of iron alloys that have greater than 2% carbon. Compared to steel, cast iron has a lower melting point and good fluidity making it ideal for casting complex shapes with thin wall sections. Cast iron also offers excellent machinability.

Grey iron contains carbon in the form of flake graphite and is the most commonly used cast iron, it is also known as flake graphite iron. Compared to steel cast iron has lower shock resistance and lower tensile strength, but offers compressive strength on a par with low carbon steels.

SG iron is cast iron containing graphite in the form of nodules — Spheroidal Graphite. SG iron is also known as ductile iron, the rounded graphite nodules produces a more ductile cast iron that inhibits the formation of cracks.

Grey cast iron

Grey cast iron supplied conforming to BS EN 1561 (2011), equivalent to ISO 185 (2005)

Material Grade (BS EN 1561) BS 1452 grade Tensile strength N/mm2 Hardness HB
EN-GLJ-250 Grade 250 250 — 350 195 — 275
EN-GLJ-300 Grade 300 300 — 400 215 — 275
EN-GLJ-350 Grade 350 350 — 450 235 — 275
We can supply grey cast iron bar in other grades upon request. Please call for availability.

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(default)Aluminum 1100Aluminum
2011Aluminum 2014Aluminum
2017Aluminum 2024Aluminum
3003Aluminum 5005Aluminum
5052Aluminum 5056Aluminum
5083Aluminum 5086Aluminum
6061Aluminum 6063Aluminum
7050Aluminum 7075Aluminum
7178Stainless 300 SeriesStainless 400
SeriesNickel 200Nickel 400Nickel
R-405Nickel K-500Nickel 600Nickel
625Nickel 800HNickel 800ATNickel
825Nickel 330Nickel 20Nickel

Carbon Steel15-5 PH Stainless Steel4130 Alloy Steel 4140 Alloy Steel 4340 Alloy Steel 9310 Alloy Steel Copper Brass T-304 Stainless T-430 Stainless Stainless 300 Series Stainless 400 Series Aluminum Aluminum 1100 Aluminum 2011 Aluminum 2014 Aluminum 2017 Aluminum 2024 Aluminum 3003 Aluminum 5005 Aluminum 5052 Aluminum 5056 Aluminum 5083 Aluminum 5086 Aluminum 6061 Aluminum 6063 Aluminum 7050 Aluminum 7075 Aluminum 7178 Beryllium Brass Cast Iron Columbium Copper Lead Magnesium Molybdenum Nickel 200 Nickel 201 Nickel 400 Nickel 600 Nickel 625 Nickel 718 Nickel X750 Nickel 800 Nickel 800H Nickel 825 Nickel 904L Tantalum Titanium Tungsten Zinc Zirconium

Round BarSquare or Flat BarSheetPlateCircleRingHexagon BarRound TubingSquare Tubing

SG iron

Forms available:

Cast Iron Rounds: Flats: Squares:
25mm diameter to 450mm diameter 40mm x 25mm to 320mm x 80mm 30mm to 410mm
Standard bar lengths are 3 metres.


Grey cast iron — current standard BS EN 1561 (2011), equivalent to ISO 185 (2005), supercedes BS 1452

SG iron — current standard BS EN 1563 (2011), equivalent to ISO 1083 (2004), supercedes BS 2789

Steel Express

Based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, Steel Express are steel suppliers and stockholders. Stock is delivered on our own fleet of vehicles locally and nationally quickly and efficiently on the day we say we will.

We also provide a free issue cutting service, press braking, fabrication and forging.

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