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Can You Buy Nishikori’s Racquet?

Finding Nishikori’s actual racquet is next to impossible these days, unless it is purchased used. The Wilson nTour 95 has been out of production for quite a while, and even the stock options do not have the same length as Nishikori’s actual racquet.

The good news is that the Wilson Ultra 95 Countervail plays a lot like the older model. Most people are going to be more than fine using this option. It is available now at all major tennis stores and websites, and it’s a pretty affordable racquet overall.

Final Thoughts

Tennis players shouldn’t feel too disappointed that Nishikori actually does not use the racquet he endorses. He has been a very consistent player on tour in the last few years, so he probably does not want to make too many tweaks to what works for him.

The Wilson Ultra 95 Countervail is pretty similar to what he plays with, and is a very good option for players. Some people like the smaller head size because it reminds them of older racquets. It’s a huge jump from anything above 100 square inches, but those who use a 98 or 100 racquet might look into what this one offers.

For smaller players (like Nishikori), the added power can be a difference-maker for sure. It’s a great weapon for those people trying to keep up with big hitters.


The racquet performs mostly well on groundstrokes, although maneuverability is a little difficult at times. It’s a pretty stiff racquet, so people are not going to have the best feeling in the world when they are making contact. This is an issue for some people, but others like the feedback stiff racquets provide.

Like on the serve, the groundstrokes can be very powerful if a person is constantly hitting the sweet spot. It also provides a pretty low launch angle off the strings, which keeps the ball low in rallies. If a person enjoys hitting a heavy ball in a rally, this is the perfect option to go with.

Kei Nishikori’s Racquet Specs

The current racquet that Nishikori uses is painted to look exactly like the Wilson Ultra 95 Countervail. However, when it was first released, the Wilson nTour 95 did not look like that racquet at all.

The Wilson nTour 95 had a very similar set up as the Wilson Ultra 95 Countervail. When comparing the two stock options, the new model is heavier, has a higher swingweight and is more head light. Overall, people seem to hit slightly harder with the new model, and some of that comes down to tech as well as specs.

The updated design of the racquet is considered an upgrade by many. It fits in the overall theme of Wilson tennis reacquets right now on the market.

The Wilson Ultra 95 Countervail, which is the racquet that Nishikori endorses, comes in with the following specifications.

  • Head size: 95 square inches
  • Length: 27.5 inches
  • Weight: 11.5
  • Balance: 4 points head-light
  • Swingweight: 339
  • Stiffness 69
  • String Pattern: 16 x 20

So, what is different with this racquet compared to what he actually uses?

For starters, the technology is not brand new in the Wilson nTour 95, as mentioned before. It is something that Nishikori is just used to, and he probably does not feel confident in changing right now.

The racquet that Nishikori uses is about .7 ounces heavier, and part of that is due to a longer racquet. Instead of 27.25 inches, he uses one of the longer racquets on tour right now at 27.75 inches.

Other changes that he makes to his racquet include messing with the swingweight and stiffness a little. There are no exact numbers out there on what he does to the racquet in those areas, but it is altered a bit.

Nishikori is like a lot of players on tour in that he uses a hybrid string set up. Currently, he uses Wilson Natural Gut 16 string and Luxilon Element string. His tension ranges quite a bit, but he will go as low as the high 30s for tension. This gives him a lot of power, but he must be precise with his shots to control them.

Since the Wilson Ultra 95 Countervail is the racquet that he endorses, this is what the review will be on. It is a very popular racquet from Wilson, so even though he is not technically using one, it is a great option for any recreational player at a certain skill level.

If you watch tennis and have seen Nishikori’s matches at the Aus open, you have probably noticed that he switched to the Wilson Ultra. Well of course that’s just the paint. Throughout his whole pro career Kei has been playing with the same racquet but, with constant cosmetic changes to fool the consumer of thinking that it is the racquet he’s using.

The actual frame that he uses is the Wilson Ntour 95

Retail model specifications:

Source: Wilson nTour Racquets Review

If you want to know Kei’s actual specs, there is a forum on talktennis dedicated to this.

Link: Kei Nishikori thread information ge…

Kei Nishikori — Wilson Tennis Advisory Staff

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