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Has IU Gained Weight?

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A photo of the famous Korean singer IU has recently surfaced on the internet and has drawn the attention of many netizens. This photo showed that she had gained some weight and instantly cleared the rumor about her being too skinny.

IU herself commented, “I don’t know exactly when this picture was taken. I think every picture looks different because of the many different angles. However, people do say I have gained some weight. I’m now preparing my music in a more healthy way.”

IU is now known as Korea’s little sister because of her adorable face and high-spirited character. Her innocent image makes her very popular among the Korean netizens. She has to maintain a very busy schedule because of her popularity, which made many netizens worry about her condition. However, this picture shows that she manages to stay healthy throughout her many activities.

Do you think she looks more healthy this way?

IU reveals her {amp}quot;Dream High{amp}quot; character’s virtual diet

K-Drama Actresses Who Added Pounds For A Role : KMovie : KDramaStars
Singer/actress IU revealed the secret diet plan behind her character’s weight loss in KBS‘s «Dream High» while walking reporters through the film set during the drama’s press conference on January 25th.
Fans immediately noticed a diet plan scrawled on the school’s blackboard amidst several other lunch menus for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisine.
The special ‘diet menu’ consists of salad, a boiled egg, boiled sweet potatoes, and eight baby tomatoes, all amounting to exactly 346 calories.
Fans speculated this to be the diet plan used by IU’s character in losing weight for her transformation.� Although it’s certainly interesting to look at, they expressed their sorrow in ‘Pil Sook’ having to go through such a strict menu.
Source: Economic Daily Star via Nate

K-Drama Actresses Who Added Pounds For A Role

Actresses have to remain slender to qualify for most-k-drama roles but occasionally they also have to bulk up. And it’s harder than you might imagine.

For example, slim attractive Go Ara was considered too slim and pretty to play the role of Na Jeong in «Reply 1994.»

«The director asked me if I would be okay with ruining my image and I was prepared,» she said.

She cut her own hair with a knife and gained weight. But adding pounds was harder than expected.

«The director kept telling me that I had to gain weight,» she said. «The most I could gain was nine pounds but Na Jeong had a good appetite so I gained 15 to 18 pounds as filming continued.»

Go Ara is not the first k-drama actress to gain weight for a role. Kim Sun Ah gained 15 pounds to pay the role of Kim Sam Soon in «My Lovely Kim Sam Soon.»

It was an important part of presenting the pastry chef heroine, who her ex-boyfriend describes as smelling like sugar.

«It was not pleasant for me as an actress,» said Kim Sun Ah. «But I regarded the fat around my stomach as a way to express Sam Soon’s inner state.

The secret of a successful drama, says Kim Sun Ah, is for the audience to sympathize with the main character.

«If I looked beautiful, would the viewers have sympathized with me as much,» she asked.

When movie roles call for a huge weight gain, actresses will occasionally put on a silicon body suit. Kim Ah Joong relied on makeup for her transformation in the film «200 Pounds Beauty» but declined the offer of doing a sequel when it was suggested that she gain actual weight for the role. IU wore a weighty costume to add bulk in «Dream High.»

But some actresses prefer a more realistic approach. When actress Lee So Jung took the role of a model that gained weight in the 2012 film «Plump Revolution,» she put on almost 50 pounds. The unique slant of the story interested her. There are plenty of stories about an overweight girl losing weight and finding love but she knew of none where it worked the other way around.

«I was intrigued by the character who decided to gain weight for love,» said Lee So Jung.

Because she does not gain weight easily, it was difficult. She had to eat 10,000 calories every day and the kinds of food she normally never ate. That dedication actually made her sick.

«I was impressed by her effort,» said her co-star Lee Hyun Jin.

Gaining weight may sound like fun but it can be hard work for those accustomed to being slim.

So guys. I started the Kim PilSuk Diet

If you don’t know what that is it’s from Dream High. WATCH IT! it was so inpirational to watch Pilsuk even though i know its fictional and under all that padding was small ass IU but still.

  • SO the basics of it is that you eat like a QUEEN in the morning. Like anything so long as it healthy. 
  • LUNCH; eat like a COMMONER. So less food.
  •  Then at night eat like a PAUPER. like half a yam and some yakult, i dont know.

On top of that you have to do half an hour skipping each day . 

Well basically I currently weigh like….wait for it…… 80kg. Can you believe. I have done my whole life- well, been fat- so now Korea has given me the kick up the arse to do something about it for good.

200 DAYS TO DROP 30KG- that was Pilsuk’s goal. I doubt that was healthy but i’m giving myself 200 days to get into reasonable shape. 

END DATE: 18 JUNE 2013

If you can tell i’ve already done 20 days but I’ll put that in another one.

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