Is there a way to simulate zero gravity on earth?

How To Experience ‘Zero Gravity’ Without Leaving Home: Virtual Reality — Universe Today

There are three possibilities available
1. Using aircraft
2. Drop facilities
3. Neutral buoyancy

We experience weightlessness during free fall or when no object is imparting gravitational force on us. When international space station is orbiting earth, it is in constant free fall condition. That’s why ISS experience weightlessness.

The first two methods uses free fall concept for generating weightlessness.

1. Aircraft:
Aircraft will be flown in a particular parabolic path to attain free fall. During 20s and 45s we will experience free fall due to this specifically designed path wher…

Basically, what you may mean by a “zero-gravity” situation is the feeling of weightlessness. Theoretically, you may enter inside a lift which accelerates downwards with the same value as g(approx. 9.8 ms^-2, varies slightly from place to place). The sense of pseudo-acceleration will be upwards and you will not feel your weight(as g will balance the sense of pseudo-acceleration).
Otherwise, you may counterbalance the effect of the earth’s gravitational force of attraction on your body by means of other repulsive forces. We know electromagnetic forces are far stronger than gravitational force…

There a few ways one could experience near 0 gravity feelings. By a process called velocitation, we can distort our perception of feeling of motions, similarly to spinning until dizzy. Also, you could stand in a doorway, more narrow is better, and try to spread your arms like a bird against the door jamb for nearly a minute with force. This, after a short while, will give your arms a sensation of weightlessness. If you were to lie upon your belly, on a large enough space to not be hindered or make contact with your arms straight up like raising both hands, with your eyes closed, and have an…

Fifty years ago this week mankind first stepped foot on the moon. Today, the human fascination with space travel has never been greater. 

Perhaps it is down to a spell of remarkably likeable characters — notably Major Tim Peake (Britain’s first official astronaut) and Commander Chris Hadfield (the first Canadian astronaut to walk in space) — or maybe it’s growing anticipation of space tourism, but there is certainly an appetite for all things out of this world.

As the wait goes on for Virgin Galactic et al to whisk us into orbit (for a hefty sum), one way to feel like an astronaut is to indulge in a trip on a “zero gravity aircraft”. But what does it mean to experience complete weightlessness and how is it possible? 

People always ask me how I think humanity will react if we discover life somewhere out there in the Universe, whether it’s bacteria under the surface of Mars, a biosignature of alien life in the atmosphere of another world, or a radio signal from another civilization.

Will our civilization lose its collective mind and have a temper tantrum on a global scale? Will we become one of those purge planets from Rick and Morty?

Will the discovery suddenly end all religion, as we wait for guidance from our new alien overlords?

Will we gather together as a species to present a common front to whatever cosmic horrors await us beyond the Solar System?

In my opinion, if I could sum up the collective response in a single word, it would be: meh.

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The Continuing Controversy of the Mars Meteorite

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NASA simulate weightlessness using a plane journey imaginatively named the “vomit comet”: they fly up to a considerable altitiude, and then point the plane straight down, resulting in an apparant weightlessness for the occupants. This works because there is no balancing force felt for the effect of gravity — this balancing force is what pushes us off the ground, giving the effect of weight. I have given further explanation on this topic in this answer: Adam Johnston’s answer to At what distance from earth’s surface does ɡ0 (standard gravity) end and zero gravity or weightlessness start?

Is there a way to simulate zero gravity on earth?

Aboard a specially modified Boeing 727-200, G-FORCE ONE®, weightlessness is achieved by doing aerobatic maneuvers known as parabolas. Specially trained pilots perform these aerobatic maneuvers which are not simulated in any way. ZERO-G passengers experience true weightlessness.

Is there a way to simulate zero gravity on earth?

Before starting a parabola, G-FORCE ONE® flies level to the horizon at an altitude of 24,000 feet. The pilots then begins to pull up, gradually increasing the angle of the aircraft to about 45° to the horizon reaching an altitude of 34,000 feet. During this pull-up, passengers will feel the pull of 1.8 Gs. Next the plane is “pushed over” to create the zero gravity segment of the parabola. For the next 20-30 seconds everything in the plane is weightless. Next a gentle pull-out is started which allows the flyers to stabilize on the aircraft floor. This maneuver is repeated 12-15 times, each taking about ten miles of airspace to perform.

In addition to achieving zero gravity, G-FORCE ONE® also flies a parabola designed to offer Lunar gravity (one sixth your weight) and Martian gravity (one third your weight). This is created by flying a larger arc over the top of the parabola.

G-FORCE ONE® flies in a FAA designated airspace that is approximately 100 miles long and ten miles wide. Usually three to five parabolas are flown consecutively with short periods of level flight between each set.


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 Is there a way to simulate zero gravity on earth?

As Abhishek Xavier points out, there are Reduced gravity aircraft, the most famous being NASA’s «vomit comet.» There are also drop towers, such as the 2.2 Second Drop Tower.

For schools, you can use equipment as simple as a water-filled cup with a hole punched in the side. Stand on a tall stepladder and drop the cup into a kiddie’s swimming pool, and notice how the water stops flowing while the cup drops. With modern cameras and dirt-cheap microcontrollers, you can do some pretty cool demos with to show what happens in a split-second of free fall.

Finally, there’s that great joy of childh…

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