Injinji Men’s Performance Lightweight No Show Socks: Sports & Outdoors

Injinji Men’s Run Original Weight No Show Toesocks: Sports, Fitness {amp} Outdoors

Injinji Run 2.0 Light Weight No Show CoolMax Toe Socks-Black-S

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Injinji Socks : Performance 2.0 RUN — Original Weight / No Show | Thin Cushioning running sock

Injinji RUN socks offer restriction-free movement and eliminates skin-on-skin friction which is one of the primary causes of blisters. The 5 toe sleeve design and superior fibre construction keeps feet dry and protected on any surface at any distance.

It’s time to trade in those “mono-socks” and experience the ultimate in fit, comfort and protection with the RUN 2.0 Original Weight No-Show. Powered by Injinji’s 5 Toe Fit System™, this thin and breathable toesock properly aligns and splays your toes while protecting you from goal-deterring blisters. The mesh top lets air in so your foot can breathe better while superior arch support and a comfy cuff assure you’re getting the best fit. The No-Show length rests below most footwear lines and has a tab feature to protect your heel from shoe irritation. Also available in

Mini Crew

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Available Models:
Injinji Original Weight No Show Superhero
Injinji Original Weight No Show Lime
Injinji Original Weight No Show Black


Select your Injinji sock size based on your street shoe/actual foot size and our unisex chart.

When putting your toe sock on, fit each toe in the appropriate sleeve before pulling the remainder of the sock on your foot. Be patient with your first wear and allow your feet to adjust.


Injinji Mesh Top


Provides maximum ventilation and breathability.

Injinji Moisture Management


Superior fibre construction wicks sweat away to keep feet dry.

Injinji Arch Support


Superior arch support designed for secure and stable fit.

Injinji Blister Prevention


Eliminates skin-on-skin friction.


Injinji 5 Toe Fit System
Injinji Sock Thickness Chart


Injinji Coolmax Xtralife Fibres

COOLMAX Xtralife fabric contains the added abrasion resistance of CORDURA fabric yarn, built to endure miles of rugged terrain. This trusted fabric increases durability and its enhanced loft also creates a thicker fabric with a softer hand.

Nuwool is Injinji’s own Merino wool made from the finest Australian wool. It is compact spun to provide superior durability and prevent itching. Nuwool also provides maximum temperature control, odour resistance and wicks moisture away from the foot.

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Our lowest-bulk sock is built for all types of runs on all kinds of surfaces. Our unique five-toe performance design eliminates the friction that can cause blisters, and keeps your toes free for better feel and natural fit on uneven terrain. Soft, durable seamless construction creates a supportive, secure fit, a mesh top and COOLMAX® fibers help keep feet dry and cool, and a band under the arch provides support and stability. The no-show length rests below the ankle and features a heel tab to protect against chafing and keep your socks from sliding into your shoes.
Injinji Run Lightweight No-Show Aquaberry Socks

The longer you can run comfortably, the longer you can run. Put this into practice with the moisture-wicking Run Original Weight Coolmax No-Show Toe Socks from Injinji. Because these contain Coolmax and they separate the toes, they help prevent blisters. Mesh panels on the top of the sock add breathability for even more comfort.

Injinji 2.0 Men's Run Original Weight No Show Toesocks, Black, Medium

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A low-bulk performance sock in our most versatile weight – great for running and racing all year round. Each toe is protected – no skin-on-skin contact – to prevent blisters. And the patented design frees your toes to splay naturally on impact and move independently on uneven terrain. The streamlined no-show length has a protective tab at the heel to keep it from sliding down, mesh at the top works with the COOLMAX® fibers to keep your feet dry and comfortable, and integrated arch support is built in.
Injinji Run Original Weight No-Show Mango Socks


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