Indiana Adventure Dad: Review of Trek Go Bug Deluxe

Adjust the seat and handlebar

Never place a car seat in the child carrier. Never place a pad or a mattress under the child. The child must sit directly in the child carrier seat.

On some models, you can adjust the handlebar of the stroller or jogger to fit the person pushing the child carrier (this may require optional equipment).

Bike trailers | Trek Bikes

Keep the kids in tow or handily haul your gear to the campsite with a bike trailer. Accessories and replacement parts also available here.


The heavy-duty Cub X kids bike trailer and double stroller is built to perform in tough conditions with a rugged plastic base and all the premium comfort features.

Full-length UV windows, reclining seats with premium pads, adjustable suspension, and included stroller kit all add up to provide comfort to passengers in a capable trailer.


The D’Lite X kids trailer and double stroller is built for the long-haul. A full slate of comfort amenities make your little one feel like royalty.

Premium seat pads, headrests, and adjustable suspension optimize comfort for a smooth ride. The included kit adds versatility with options for gravel riding, jogging, or skiing.

Customer Review

REVISED REVIEW on 3/25/12: I had many problems in the beginning with this trailer, but the company has worked through them and it has changed my opinion on this trailer. I’ve owned mine for 2 years now and it has held up and performed well for us. The wobbly wheel doesn’t exist now that my twins are 33lbs each. It seems the heavier weight of them has helped out. The trailer is still very roomy for them even when they are both 40 inches tall! When pushing at a walking pace the trailer stays straight and you don’t have to correct it. It pulls behind bike great, but recently made husband start pulling it. I can pull trailer and 70lbs of kids. Plenty of storage behind the seat to allow us to carry lunch boxes and jackets for a picnic. Very visible at night with reflective stripping. Durable quality as we don’t even have a tear in the screen material after using it a lot over 2 years. The tires have held up very well and haven’t needed replacing. Seat cushion washes nicely if something get spilled. Most of all I like that it collapses with 1 hand! No need to disconnect bars and set up just to transport in car or store in garage. It also hangs great from back axle while being stored in garage.

UPDATE 4/14/10:

So disappointed! I returned my tailer bought on Mar 25th and reorder a new one in hopes the waist straps would be bigger. No such luck! I will be calling the company again tomorrow. I need this trailer because of my very tall son…doesn’t fit in any other trailer except the Trek, which they don’t make anymore. I’m hoping they will let me use this trailer until July when the problem should be fixed. If not, I’m not sure what I’ll do. So frustrating to find a nice trailer only to have the most important feature barely useable. I guess this isn’t an isolated problem as Pacific Cycle thought it might be. I encourage ANYONE with this problem to contact Pacific Cyle at 800-645-5806. I personally was working with Trisha, but they might have added more Reps being this is becoming a major problem. If they don’t come up with a fix…I’m seriously thinking about contacting the BBB!

Update 4/9/10:

Rec’d call back from Pacific Cycle about the straps. They tested a trailer they had and indicated the straps were too small also. They tried to come up with a fix to the solution, but didn’t have a quick one to fix mine. They were very helpful in assisting me. I ended up returning the trailer to Amazon and order another one. I’m hoping the straps will be ok on the new one. Pacific Cycle thought it to be an isolated problem with only a few trailers since hardly any complaints. If the new one is bad I will return it and wait until July 2010 when the problem will be fixed for sure.

UPDATE! 4/7/10:

PLEASE CALL Instep/Schwinn Customer Service at 800-645-5806 if you feel your waist strap is abnormally small! I just called on 4/7/10 and they indicated they don’t have alot of complaints yet, but are looking into the small strap issue. My children are only in the 10th and 50th percentile for weight compared to height and this barely fits them. We need everyone’s help in order for company to see this is a very real problem.

I have now used this as a bike trailer and it pulls easily. I’m very out of shape after having my twins…I had no problem going up hills with adjusting gears. I do want to complain about the length of the waist strap though….VERY small. My son is very long and skinny…only in 50% percentile for weight and this strap barely fits with jeans. I did use it with a coat and had to pull coat way up because strap wouldn’t go around light weight spring coat. I’m very disappointed in this because it offers so much room in trailer for taller kids! I will be contacting Schwinn today about this issue!

Also, when I went for a long walk using the stroller wheel it was awful. It would wiggle back and forth just going over normal side walk sections. This isn’t good as a stoller with wheel provided, but I didn’t intend on using it this way.

Overall, I’m only going to give it 2 stars because most people buy this as a trailer and what good is it if the straps arent long enough. I do have the latest 2010 model too!

I love my Trek GoBug..which, sadly they quit making :(. It had lots of room for big kids and very generous seat belt length.
I would suggest if you can find a used that instead! I need 2 trailers and thought this would be a great option…sadly mistaken.

Original Post:

I just received my Schwinn Joyrider today! I order it with the FREE Super Saving Shipping. The trailer was so easy to put together…open box, remove trailer, take of packaging material, and snap on 3 wheels! The trailer was packed very securely and did have a little bit of new plastic smell to it. I’d suggest opening and airing out before using. I used it today for a walk only because too cold to bike in WI in March. The stroller was very easy to push and felt light weight even though it weighs 32 lbs. I’m used to pushing a tripler stroller though. The bench seat is very nicely padded and offers child a comfortable place to sit unlike the trailers with the hammock style seats. The crotch strap does have a padded piece to protect child from strap rubbing (nice for boys#. The seat reclines somewhat, but not enough for a very young child. There’s alot of storage behind seat and in back with velcro pouch. There’s also plenty of leg and head room for tall kids. My older son is 42 in tall and still has plenty of head room #at least 3in). The handle bar adjusts into several different position for added comfort. It’s extremely easy to fold with just a push of a button.

The only minor things that I’ve noticed are the straps are hard to adjust. I would definetly suggest doing this before going out for the first time. I also didn’t receive the velcro straps to attach the parent bag to handle bar. There is a little metal hooks to hang it from though. I’ve read without the velcro the bag can come unattached while riding. I guess I’ll be contacting Schwinn to see if I can exchange the bag for the newer style.

Do not exceed the maximum weight limits

BMX caliper brake
Figure 1- Child carrier upper frame is limit of child size

The child�s head, including any helmet, should not project above the upper frame (Figure 1). Do not allow children to place their feet outside the child carrier seat area; the child�s feet should not reach the jogger front wheel.

Very young children may not have sufficient neck strength to safely ride in this child carrier. A child must be able to hold their head up. Do not carry children under one year of age in this child carrier.

The maximum capacity of a Trek child carrier in jogger or stroller mode is 75 pounds (34 kg) including child and luggage or other supplies. In bicycle trailer mode, the maximum combined weight is 100 lbs (45 kg).

Some child carriers are equipped with a storage pocket. The maximum capacity of a storage pocket is 4 pounds (2 Kg). Do not overload a storage pocket or attach additional carrying bags or other items to the back or handlebar. Any additional weight on the back of the child carrier could make it unstable.


Incorrect child carrier use or loading could make control difficult, or cause the child carrier to break and fail, resulting in personal injury. Follow the recommendations above to make sure the child carrier is loaded properly.

Trek Deluxe GoBug review

Aptly named, Trek’s big double trailer might easily be mistaken for a giant robotic beetle. In trailer form it’s easily the biggest on test, due mainly to the arching central roll-bar that runs from the middle of the front bumper to the top of the GoBug’s back where it is fixed in place with a quick-release pin. Pull this pin and the hoops that make up the Bug’s superstructure fold neatly forward. You’re left with a not quite flat package with a funny curved handle on one side, but it’s pretty neat and easy to heft considering its unfolded size.

The Bug betrays its outdoorsy Californian inclinations by having a well-designed ‘jogger’ set-up but no compact, easily manoeuvrable trolley wheel for a stroller configuration. This means that in practice, due to its elegant, though impractical length, this is the least likely trailer on test that you’d take round the shops. Isle of Wight? Yes. Aisle of Mothercare? No.

You could also say that the GoBug passenger pod is best for a Californian winter too. Rather than being designed to give optimum visibility to its little passengers with all the weather protection in place, its default configuration seems to be with the undeniably excellent meshed canopy as the topmost layer. But this might only be a criticism if you’re heading for high rainfall destinations like deepest Wales, the Lakes or western Scotland for your family holidays.

But the GoBug is packed full of quality features, inside and out, giving the impression of a more deeply designed, developed and mass produced product than others here. On the outside reflective strips and logos abound – there are even reflective sidewalls on the tyres. The excellent bug shield is zipped in place either side, which means you can tend to either child without opening the whole canopy to the elements, and you get a big luggage bay accessed from the rear via a zipper. The foldable aluminium and plastic push handle is a revelation at this price too, with a single arm and moulded in catch to lock it in place at your chosen height. You also get an excellent foot-operated handbrake that locks both wheels with the flick of one centrally mounted lever.

The two bucket seats here might not be as all-serving as the infinitely versatile benchseat, sling options and harnesses of the Chariot, but they make up for it by being the coolest. Your little ones will be supported and cosseted in the padded bucket seat and harness-filled interior as if they were in a rally car. Should they get too excited though, fear not – all the padding is removable and washable.

I have been using a Trek Go Bug Deluxe for the past three years to pull my children behind my bike while I train and as three wheel stroller on family walks. While the trailer does have some excellent features there is one, the hitch, that I think is a horrible design at best and unsafe at worst. For this reason I would not recommend buying this trailer and would look elsewhere.

My previous experience with bike trailers is with a Trek CC Rider; which we still own and use when my wife and I both ride so we each have a child. The hitch on the CC rider is a ball and socket which is easy to line up and attach. The one major problem was the “slop” in the system which made a jerking motion while climbing out of the saddle. Trek decided to remedy this “problem” by making the hitch on the Go Bug a male/female connection. The problem with this is the tremendous amount of tork it puts on the bicycle/hitch attachment point. This tork causes the skewer to loosen potentially causing your rear wheel to come off. This happens on normal ridding on the road, nothing extreme. The only way I have found to keep this from happening is to over tighten the skewer to the point where it is almost impossible to loosen without using a rubber mallet. The connection is difficult to line up and in general just a REALLY bad design.

Other things we have noticed with use are how small the canopy zippers are. While they are YKK they are not very beefy for the amount of stress placed on them keeping the canopy closed. Heck the zippers on my camera bag are twice the size as these. These small zippers make them difficult to align and zip in cold weather. Also the shoulder straps have a top buckle that is nearly impossible to tighten or loosen while your child is sitting in the seat. This may keep it from loosening when you don’t want to but getting a proper fit is next to impossible. You run the risk of popping you child in the head with your hand if you try to fit the harness while they are seated. Which is the only way to make sure the harness fits your child snug. I also wonder why they didn’t put a bigger helmet pocket in the seat. A Giro children’s helmet won’t fit. How do you teach your child to always wear a helmet if they can’t wear it in their trailer? With a helmet on, their chin is pushed down in their chest. Not a very comfortable way to spend a couple of hours.

There are some good points of the trailer; one is its wide stance. You would be hard pressed to flip this thing over other than by being directly hit by a car. The seats are well padded and once you have the harness fitted your child is held very secure. The weather cover fits well and keeps the elements out. My kids have never gotten wet on a ride or walk when we’ve been caught out in the rain. The cargo area will fit plenty of stuff. We’ve biked to plenty of picnics in the park or ridden to a day at the water park and never had any problems getting our stuff in there.

The bottom line is this trailer would be an excellent choice if it wasn’t for the hitch. I have tried to find directions on Trek’s web site to see if I’m doing something wrong and have not been able to find anything. So if you’re looking for a trailer so you can get out look some where else. The hitch on this thing makes it a giant looser!

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