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Changing Tables That Add Serious Storage and Style to the Nursery

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Best for Small Spaces

If you really want a changing table, but live in a tiny apartment or have a small nursery, this one’s for you. It neatly tucks into an empty corner, taking up little to no space, and the divided shelves are a huge bonus if you’re already strapped for storage.


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Most Luxe Fabric

If you think velvet and newborns don’t mix, think again. This plush, vorto fabric feels incredibly soft and decadent, but keeping baby in mind, it’s stain-and-scratch-resistant. Treat yourself to the matching ottoman post-nursery to create a cozy spot for reading and relaxing.



Best to Grow With Your Baby

Give yourself a solid start to breastfeeding, using the firm side of this double-sided classic Boppy. It’ll give you the stability and support you need to help your baby latch on correctly. Then, once you’ve both gotten the hang of it, flip it over to the softer, snuggly side to nurse as she grows.

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This tandem stroller is so sleek, it doesn’t even look like it would fit two kids — let alone, have room for one to stand. The quick-fold BravoFor2 stroller is the perfect pick for running errands. It’s portable in design and you’ll get through the day more efficiently without your oldest getting sidetracked. Keep that tunnel vision, Mama, and remember: Siblings who stroll together, stay together.



Best for the Practical Mom

This affordable, stylish option is perfect for the mama on a budget. Whether worn on your back or hanging off of your baby’s stroller — thanks to the handy stroller straps — you’ll be able to fit plenty of diapers, clothing, and formula in this bag. Plus, included is a portable, easy-to-clean changing pad.


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Best for: «Finally! I think this is it!»

TTC? If you’re wishing, hoping, thinkin’, and praying for a baby, then this brand that features a cute baby on the packaging might be a fun choice for you to keep close at home. Just do your thing, give it 10 seconds, and jump for joy at the sight of a second line.

Ikea Sniglar Reviews

Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Stains can be removed by using an eraser, sandpaper or a mild soapy solution.

For surface treatment, use an agent suitable for children’s products, e.g. IKEA’s BEHANDLA wood treatment oil for indoor use.

Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Stains can be removed by using an eraser, sandpaper or a mild soapy solution.

For surface treatment, use an agent suitable for children’s products, e.g. IKEAs BEHANDLA wood treatment oil for indoor use.

When I was pregnant, I made my first excited trip to a nursery furniture store only to be massively shocked by the price. I can’t understand that you can buy a perfectly serviceable adult double bed frame for £150 but a cot for babies often comes with a price tag of more than double that! 

Bucking that worrying trend is the Ikea Sniglar cot.  The Swedish retailer sells this beech-framed, entry-level baby bedlet for just £35. Teamed with a mid-range, styled-to-fit Ikea mattress, such as the Vyssa Skont, you have a simple and stylish nest for your baby for £75.

Launched in 2008 the Sniglar, which complies with European safety standard EN 716-1, has been a bestseller at Ikea for a long time but it has changed slightly over the years.

In 2011 the superstore recalled it in the US, with newer models supplied with improvements to the metal rods, which fix the mattress base to the upright frame.

Despite the overseas recall, the cot has been well-received in the UK and even won a Gold award for best cot in the Prima Magazine Baby awards.   

What’s in the box?

  • Cot frame
  • Cot base
  • Screws, nuts and bolts
  • Allan key

Any additional extras?

  • Vyssa Skont mattress -£40
  • Vyssa Tulta mattress pad – £14
  • Kompisar bumper pad – £10
  • Len mattress protector – £5
  • Vandring Skog quilt and pillowcase – £8

I am going to buy a mesh bumper to put around the cot, I’ve looked at the Airwrap Deluxe bumper, but at £39.99 it costs more than the cot itself!  Still, you could do a lot worse than check out Ikea’s range of cot bedding, which includes Kompisar bumpers for £10.

I looked high and low for unfussy cot bedding that I liked, and found it in the Vandring Skog quilt and pillowcase set at a ridiculously good £8. Until he’s a year old however, he’ll be in sleeping bags – and Ikea’s version cost from just £10 up. 

First impressions?

Of course we’ve all heard the adage ‘you get what you pay for’ and that’s true. Sniglar’s raw materials are certainly raw, making this a great ‘green’ option – the four panels consisting of cut, assembled and well-sanded beech wood bars and spindles, must certainly be cheap to source – but I prefer to think ‘simple’.

Unpainted, you can be sure you child wont be chewing on toxic dyes or chemical compounds such as VOCs which contain formaldehyde and are often found in MDF and the like. Also, its fuss-free, uncluttered style means it should suit in any room.

How is the Sniglar to put together?

As usual, the whole kit and caboodle came Ikea-style in a big wooden box. Armed with an allen key, a screwdriver which got minimal use, and a little wrench-thing, I set about building.

I had one false start when I put the end on back to front ignoring holes required to adjust the height of the mattress, but all in all it took just an hour from start to finish.  This was perfect because it meant it was completed in that all-important window between feeds.

Can you take a side off to make it a co sleeper/opensided?

The sides cannot be removed on this cot, the position of the mattress can be at the higher and the lower level. 

Athough I’m delighted with the higher mattress height I reckon the lower one, which we’ll use when baby can stand, could be a bit awkward because of the cot’s immovable sides. I can see that it’s going to be difficult to tuck him in from above when he’s lying just a few inches off the floor

Does the cot take up much space?

No, which is a good thing because the baby’s nursery is still very much a work in progress, so my four-month-old (and his cot) will remain in the main bedroom for some time to come.

Luckily I reckon that the dimensions of the Sniglar (80cm x 66cm x 124cm), with its ever-so-slim profile and neat frame – are as small as you can manage in a full-size cot, making it perfect for cramped flats or small spaces.

Once baby Ru’s in in his own room however he’ll have plenty of space so we’ll also buy the Sniglar change table, at £25. To be honest, I wish Ikea did a full matching furniture range. I did love the look of the now defunct Leksvik series but it got discontinued long before bubs was born.

Can you move theSniglar around easliy?

Yes, it’s super-lightweight – which is handy because if I need to get into the lesser-used part of the wardrobe its standing in front of, I’m going to have to pick it up!

How comfortable is the bedlet?

Is it nice and comfortable, the mattress base itself is now made of a close-knit polyester mesh stretched over a sparse wooden frame, which I really like.

This allows for maximum air-flow and shows the Sniglar putting safety first.

Do be aware though that if you use a movement monitor such as the Angelcare you will have to get a plywood panel to fit between the mesh and the mattress to provide solid support for its pressure pad.

Is it value for money?

Yes, it certainly is.  But as I said earlier, you get what you pay for.  I noticed a couple of little knotty patches on the wooden cot spindles as I built it, so I gave them a quick sand to make them nice and smooth for exploring little hands and mouths!

I’d also urge you to make sure all the metal fixings are tightened until they’re flush with the wood’s surface so little fingers don’t get nipped.

Who is the Ikea Sniglar Cot best for?

Cost-conscious parents will be the first to reach out for the Sniglar but anyone who appreciates unfussy design will be won over. At this price, it would also be a great option for any grandparents’ spare room. 

Still using for my bubba at 6 mth now, but he is overgrow the size of the changing table, keep kicking the edge or hit his head.

Unfortunately the price not comes with changing pad, we dint buy it but replace with thicker towel as base.

Down side, bubba clothes and nappy which store at lower deck might getting dusty cause without drawer.

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