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Fattys Getting Fatter!

Jordan won 6 million dollars on his 21st birthday. The young stud had no idea the turn his life would take when he and his friends booked a couple nights in Las Vegas to celebrate turning 21. It happened late one evening when most of the group was already passed out drunk, but Jordan and his friend Nicky decided to grab another round and hit the casino.

They were nearing blackout drunk when Jordan stumbled into a seat in front of a slot machine, entered a bill, and pulled the lever. A sobering barrage of lights, and music followed, then a crowd formed, and everyone was shouting at him. He didn’t believe what everyone was saying. He was a millionaire? No way. After about ten minutes an old man appeared with a giant cardboard check that read $6,000,000. Jordan was in utter disbelief.

The next few months of Jordan’s life was a whirlwind filled with paperwork, exorbitant taxes, lawyers, and some hefty purchases. Jordan did as most would in that position, quit his job, paid off loans, helped out his mom, bought a new house, and most of all: partied. Jordan went to all the hottest clubs in LA almost nightly. He bought bottle service, boys, drugs, fancy dinners, everything a young gay man who grew up middle class could dream of. Life was good.

Although, there were some down sides to his newfound lifestyle. Jordan discovered that friends new and old were becoming sycophantic, leading him to question everyone’s motives. In addition to this paranoia, Jordan couldn’t find the energy to keep up with his gym routine. He was always hungover or tired or hungry. Plus, why bother working out when all he had to do was flash some money to get a boy in bed? This, coupled with all the partying, wining and dining, meant that Jordan’s physique began to soften. Like most men in LA, Jordan used to be a total gym rat, attending almost daily. He had defined pecs, massive arms, and had almost achieved a six pack before winning the jackpot.

Jordan was aware he had gained some weight, but he wasn’t too concerned. This changed one evening when he was scrolling through Grindr for a quick blow job. He was chatting up a cute twink and trading dick pics, getting hard and stroking a bit. The twink asked for a full body shot so Jordan stumbled to the mirror and took a photo while stroking himself. He sucked in his gut and made sure the angle made his dick look massive. “Oh sorry, not my type,” the twink responded. Jordan was immediately irritated. How dare he turn down a hot millionaire? After an initial fit of rage, Jordan asked what his type was. The twink said: “I like fit guys, not into chubs really.”

Jordan’s stomach dropped as he was flooded with insecurity.  He stood up and began examining himself in the mirror. It was true, he had a beer belly puffing out several inches from his midsection and flanked by love handles. His gut was big enough to grab a handful of flab and give it a hearty shake. How did this happen? He turned around to see that his underwear no longer fully concealed his ass, leaving a meaty crack exposed. He pulled down the boxer briefs and squeezed one cheek, watching as cellulite dimples spread down to his thighs. “Whatever,” he said to aloud to himself, “I’m rich.” Jordan proceeded to wack off to a porno, ordering a gourmet pizza after he shot his load.

A couple months later Jordan was alone in his loft, stoned, horny and bored. A commercial on the TV reminded him of one of his old fuck buddies, a model named Brent. He found Brent’s number in his phone and scheduled a dick appointment. Brent mentioned that he’d heard about the jackpot, congratulating Jordan and saying that he’d love to reconnect. Jordan knew he was only interested in the money and hoped Brent wouldn’t get clingy. When the young model arrived, Jordan answered the door in sweatpants and a hoodie. Brent was dressed very stylishly and toting an expensive bottle of wine.

“I like the… all sweats look,” Brent said bitchily. “Did you just get done working out?”

“Uh yeah,” Jordan said, even though he couldn’t remember the last time he went to gym or even showered.

They popped the bottle of wine and chatted on the couch. Jordan grew bored almost instantly. All people ever wanted to talk was the jacpot. He’d get the same questions ad nauseum and his responses began to feel rehearsed. They killed the bottle of wine pretty fast with Jordan drinking most of it. He lumbered to the wine fridge and brought out another one. An hour passed and the men were getting drunk and touchy-feely. Jordan was tipsy and leaning hornily towards Brent, not realizing his belly had spilled out of his sweatshirt. After a few moments of sexual tension, he finally planted a wet one on the young man.

Brent giggled and said, “I totally wanna fuck but I think I may be a tad too drunk. I didn’t eat today, would you have like crackers or something?”

“You want food?” Jordan’s eyes lit up.

“Just a nibble, nothing big.”

“No no let me buy you something nice.”

Jordan pulled out his phone and ordered an exorbitant spread on ubereats that arrived sooner than expected. Brent was flabbergasted by the amount of food that arrived, figuring they’d end up throwing half of it away. Jordan dug right in, chomping down on buffalo wings, pasta, and cake for desert while Brent nibbled at a salad. In the meantime, another bottle of red wine had been cracked and nearly emptied. Jordan was a machine that would not stop. Once the food was nearly gone, Jordan laid back on the couch with his hands behind his head, gut bloated and exposed.

“Come sit on daddy’s lap” he said to Brent.

Brent followed orders and was surprised to feel just how beefy Jordan had become since he got rich. Brent was used to hardened muscles and cologne, but the new Jordan was all cushion and wing sauce. Jordan’s cock sprung to life under brent’s ass. Brent peeled off the man’s sweats and lubed his ass up with spit. They fucked for only a few minutes before Jordan blew his load and immediately fell asleep. Dismayed, Brent was left straddling the fattened millionaire, still hard and ready to come. Disgusted by what a selfish hog Jordan had become, Brent let himself out.

A year passed and these sort of encounters became the norm for Jordan. Increasingly, his fuck buddies stopped responding. More and more Jordan began to feel alone and isolated from the rest of the world. Partying became a hollow and boring pursuit. More and more he spent his days at home, smoking weed, watching movies and eating. The gym was a distant memory as his waistline expanded to proportions he’d never seen before.

Jordan was fully aware he’d grown fat. He struggled to tie his shoes and squeeze into small spaces. His gut formed an ample overhang that hung out of most of his lounge shirts, wavering with each lumbering step to kitchen. His cock was now eclipsed buy a plump fat pad. Even his fingers and toes were becoming puffy. Two years ago stretch marks signified the muscle growth of broadened beefy shoulders, but now they crisscrossed his inner thighs as a clear sign of unhinged gluttony. The biggest surprise was that he barely fit on the toilet anymore, his ass cheeks hung off each side. He found that bidets were a lifesaver.  

Late one evening he launched his internet browser and turned on his projector to watch some porn. Gmail came up by default and he noticed an alert for a news article about him. There on he saw his gargantuan form on the beach, sucking down daiquaries and lifting his gut to scratch underneath. The headline read “Big Winner even BIGGER.” He scrolled down to read the comments.

“What a fat fuck”

“You’d think he could afford a gym membership”

“If i won that much money id get fat too shoot”

“Damn who gets stretchmarks on their thighs”

Jordan turned off the projector, sparked a joint, and ordered McDonald’s.

A year later Jordan found himself at the doctor for a routine check up. Nothing he was told surprised him. He was obese. Up two hundred pounds since he was 21. At risk for diabetes, etc. The doctor scolded him, grabbed his overhang and said “this has got to go, you can afford a trainer.” The doctor pointed out the stretch marks on his arms, “if you don’t watch it you’ll need surgery to get rid of those.” He even told him to take a shower because his folds smelled. Jordan felt completely humiliated when he piled into the uber and to make things worse he noticed some young girls snapping his photo.

When he got home the images were all over the internet with headlines about how his weight was completely spiralling. His agent called freaking out, telling him he had to leverage this. They were getting calls from Biggest Loser and other reality shows. This was his moment, he was told, he needed to make the most of it. People love a redemption narrative.

Jordan hung up the phone and ordered 3 large pizzas.



Here are some pictures of BJ Novak, who played Ryan on The Office, and his sweaty belly. In the later seasons, there’s a scene where he takes off his shirt when he’s flabbier that I can’t find. Please send it to me if you can!


“Look!” Meg shouted, staring out of the window. “Kyle’s got his shirt off!”

Ben chuckled from his office chair. “You mean the hot Aussie?” he asked, rolling his eyes.

The other ladies rushed to the window and cooed appropriately. “Oh wow! He’s even hotter than I pictured!” Jenny noted, staring at the sexy man down below. “Just look at those abs!”

Ben had been the only guy in this office for the last three years; a ratio that was rather unusual for an accountancy department. But as funny as it was working in this office full of girls, Ben did wish that the other women shared his taste in men. They’d been going on about the ‘Hot Aussie’ who had just started in the production warehouse for the last week. However, Ben already knew that this guy wouldn’t be his type. Six packs and abs were not his thing. Still, he stood up anyway to get a good look.

The accountancy office on the second floor was nicely positioned to catch the guys and girls working in manufacturing, sunning themselves whilst on a break. They would often come out to get fresh air or kick a ball around, and that was when things would get a lot more steamy up in here in this office.

Kyle was just as Ben had imagined. A tall, buff, toned and six-packed stud; just the generic kind these women always went for.

“How can you not find him hot?” Jenny asked in disbelief, seeing Ben’s apathy.

“Ben only likes the fat guys remember,” Meg explained bluntly, making the other girls chuckle. “Three hundred pounds at least, right?”

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‘Do you wanna see my six pack’ again fat boy? Mate you don’t have abs. Fat josh

#joshuaritchie #belly #fatboy #tubby #bigtummy


My good friend has put a lot of weight on (submission)

Looks like he’s starting to fill out nicely. Thanks for the submission.

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(Submission) Damn, Jonathan Groff is seriously starting to get thick and chunky. His dreamy body and face are filling out and softening up with every passing months. Look at how his cheeks and chin are filling in and making his face all chunky. And don’t get me started on that belly he’s starting to show, seems Jonathan has been a bit lax with his diet and is paying the price. Hopefully we’ll see a few more inches on that waistline soon.



Amirah Vann, Matt McGorry, and Laverne Cox attend the 2019 Pre-Emmy Party hosted by Entertainment Weekly and L’Oreal Paris at Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles on Friday, September 20, 2019. (Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly)



Leon played sports as a kid, he was never very good but he liked doing it with his friends. He was always a bit bigger than the other guys, so they barely noticed a difference when he discovered beer and started to pork out.

Leon just loves beer, getting through pints and pints of it on a night out. He likes to finish the night with a big kebab, or maybe a pizza, and now maybe both. The weight crept on slowly at first, he was still exercising at the weekends. But then he went to university and started drinking double.

He tried to play sports in the first few weeks, but the belly he’d grown over the summer meant he was far behind all the other fit guys. Besides, he couldn’t play when he was hungover, uni is about enjoying yourself!

So he quit sports, and ate and ate and ate, and drank and drank and drank. No wonder he’s put on so much weight. He’s actually starting to resemble a pig. He doesn’t seem to mind that much now, even though he’s twice the size of some of his friends. He might hate how jiggly he’s getting, but he just loves beer and pizza too much to stop. He’s going to end up much bigger, what a gluttonous fat slob!



This handsome tattoo artist from the UK has been enjoying a few too many beers it would appear. Luckily all that beer goes straight to his belly. Even if you’re not into tattoos you can’t deny this guy has a devilish grin and an amazing growing gut.

P.s. most of these photos come from his girlfriend’s Instagram stories and posts and any mention of his weight will result in her blocking you. I’ll keep this updated if there are any good pics or posts of his growing gut but for now I’m not gonna share his or her accounts so don’t bother asking. These are the best pictures available anyway.


This is Billy. He’s always been one of the first names on the team sheet. Rugby is one of those sports where being bulky helps, but boy has he got pudgy! His backside has definitely started to stick out more but it’s dwarfed by his pudgy jelly belly. How did this happen? A two week all inclusive holiday. Regular visits to a burger joint on campus. And a love of beer. (You can drink at 18 in England). He was offered a large shirt but chose a medium this season so I guess he likes showing it off!


“Nick here is quite the gamer and over the years has been steadily out growing all of his clothes; however within the last year, he’s really been packing it on as you can see by the recent shirtless photos. Also, notice how the same shirt he wore in the third photo in the third set of photos then by picture 6 he barely fits into it now! Gaming really has been good to him hasn’t it?” (Submission)

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Glenn from Bromans, I Love when skinny party boys get little beer bellies.

Been following him for a while, He’s constantly changing weights and is already a bit slimmer ,won’t be long until he’s back to chubby though


Brandon, from his channel, MessYourself, has got a lot thicker of the years. He used to have a slim, stick figure, but recently, from videos in his blog channel, you can see not only a chubbier face, arms and legs, but a ballooned stomach that he cannot hide at all. I think that he’ll keep getting even bigger as he doesn’t seem to ever go to the gym.

If this post does well, I’ll post more screenshots from more of his vlogs.💗


My good friend has put a lot of weight on (submission)

Looks like he’s starting to fill out nicely. Thanks for the submission.

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Update — King of dadbods. This guy really porked after having his first child (see underwear pic, prev. posted). He’s back, and bigger than ever.

He’s all gut now, which sticks out in all his pics. His full face has never gone back to the slim jawline he used to have. New back rolls and extra bloating really round out this beefcake/former model.

The last 3 pics are current — the ‘before’ symbolizes yet another attempt to stop himself from getting fatter.

Links in comments for original posts.


This is a famous you tuber called Bart. He went from a very lean 180lbs ballooning to a bulked up 230lbs. He has bulked as he is now a power lifter and wants to pick bigger weights. He seems to get his top off a lot to show off that fat gut. (Submission)

Dude got swole! Definitely not the fit weight lifter he was before!

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Curtis Pritchard from today’s {amp}amp; yesterday’s love island episodes, really love his shape, little belly, love handles {amp}amp; thick thighs.

Soak it all in while you still can, can assume he’s going to get paid to get skinny by those flat tummy companies just like Lewis Bloor and Jack Fincham were.


“Joe Jonas is not keeping any diet on his honeymoon, and therefore got himself a new round belly! On recent photos from the Maldives looking like a marshmallow from all different angles” (Submission)

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getting tubby

lol looks like they’ve been way too tight for a while now man. that button is holding on for dear life under the weight of that gut

(via youlookbetterchubby)


I just happen to search about the Addams family, not even trying to find kink content, and bam! They throw me that in the face!

From the television series “The New Family Addams”, episode “Keeping up with the Joneses”. This episode basically makes the Addams family meet their copycat cousins, and Gomez has his rival (forgot his name) that usually manages to beat him at everything, and as a result Gomez turns every little action into a duel.

At one point, the grandmother serves bat wings, and Gomez and his cousin almost immediately throw themselves on them, trying to see who can eat the most. Gomez ends up eating 102 of them, and sports a bloated belly. 

But of course the world record of bat-wings eating is 103 wings. And is hold by Gomez’s cousin

male before and after weight

I wasn’t going to answer this because I’ve been taking a break from this blog but the idea of Scott overeating has been on my mind ever since I first read this ask. Sorry for the weird spacing. I wrote this in a note on my iPod. Also the ending was going to be different but I lost motivation to write. There may be a pick that will accompany this in the next few days. (tw for alcohol mentions throughout)



Scott leaned back in his seat, his bulging middle churning and groaning. He had had his usual evening indulgence of left over cake and beer but tonight was a bit over-indulgent.

The local trains had been late, causing a delay for his own train. Passengers grumbled when they finally arrived in Scotland and passengers on the return trip had done the same. It was a stressful Monday, to say the least, but Scott knew he would have leftovers to find solace in.

It had become a habit for the past few months now. Every couple of nights after working, he would wander back to the dining car after the workers had left for the day and eat his fill of leftover desserts. It had all started by him charming the kitchen staff and them leaving treats for him. Not long after, he discovered the beer and grew to like the warm, bubbly feeling it gave him. The combination of sweets and alcohol helped him rest easy at the end of the day and the staff always made sure he was provided for.

This practice, however, was starting to leave an impression on Scott’s appetite…and his waistline. As Scott continued his nightly indulgences, he began to crave more and more. The kitchen staff was more than happy to oblige. Soon, his uniform began to grow tighter and tighter. He had had his pants let out a couple of times now and he had gone up a shirt size. Although he was full figured to begin with, he quickly filled out even more.

Tonight, was too much. Slice after slice of cake, until the equivalent of one whole cake disappeared into his aching belly, washed down by bottle after bottle of beer. At some point in the haze, he had found even more treats which too had disappeared into his greedy belly. Pastries and cookies disappeared one by one until the trays were empty, signaling to Scott that perhaps he should stop and survey the damage.

Scott looked down at himself with bleary eyes. His pants were undone (when did that happen?) which allowed his stuffed belly to expand outward, closing the gap between him and the table edge. Scott pulled up his shirt which was just barely hanging on by the buttons.

His belly was swollen with food. It churned and groaned as he gently rubbed a hand over it, hoping to sooth the ache. He had never eaten this much before.

“Oooh…” he groaned. “I think that was too much…”

Too much was likely an understatement, though, as a deep belch escaped him. The taste of chocolate and strawberry preserves lingered in his mouth. He felt bloated and sleepy, the bubbles from the beer still finding their way out through more deep, gurgling belches. Placing his hands underneath his belly, he cupped the layer of fat and pushed his pants further down to give himself more room.

He had never expected to put on so much weight given how active his job was. But sure enough, here he was, bloated and fat…and completely overstuffed. Scott leaned forward a little and flinched when he felt his belly press into the table edge.

Flopping back, he groaned again, his hands still attempting to soothe his aching belly. The haze of alcohol made his movements sluggish, but he still managed to help himself work up a few more belches.

Scott was so full and so tired, but he knew he would need to clean up and head home. The thought of moving with the weight of his swollen middle pinning him down didn’t sound enticing. He tried to lean forward again to scoot himself out of the seat, but quickly realized he would only end up stuck. With a huff he flopped back again and began the long process of pushing himself out of the seat.

Scott finally reached the edge and, placing a hand on the table, attempted to face outward. His belly protested as it was squeezed against the table, but he managed, groaning around several more belches. He braced himself on the table and managed to heave himself up, wobbling from the alcohol and the weight.

Breathing hard, Scott placed a hand on his middle. His belly felt stretched to the limit, sticking straight out in front of him and throwing off his balance. It gurgled rather loudly and Scott patted it gently.

“That’s enough now,” he said in a strained voice. “I’m -huuurrrrrrp- going to lay down when I get back.”

His stomach groaned in response.

Carefully, Scott began his task of clearing the empty trays of treats. He waddled back to the kitchen, carrying the empty trays and bottles, feeling like a pig.

He placed the bottles in a bag, knowing he would need to dispose of them on his way home. Scott did his best to readjust his clothes before leaving as well. He carefully stretched his shirt back over his belly, hoping none of his buttons would come popping off. His pants put up more of a struggle but he finally managed to button and zip them up. The bulge of his gut over his waistband was even more pronounced now.

He was just turning to leave when he noticed a box with a note that said “Scotty” on it. Curious, he picked up the note and read it.

“Dear Scotty,

Here’s something special we made for you. We hope it takes the edge off of a stressful day like today.

Much love,

The Kitchen Staff”

Scott has to smile despite the pain that was beginning to settle into his gut. Strange that he hadn’t noticed it earlier, but he guessed the alcohol had something to do with it. He opened the box and found a large cream puff, iced with chocolate and overflowing with chocolate mousse inside.

In spite of his bloated, gurgling belly, his mouth watered. Maybe I should just take it home with me, he thought. I can eat it later.

But his belly gurgled insistently, his appetite ramping up again.

Hoping to temporarily satisfy himself, he swiped some of the chocolate frosting up with his finger to taste.

Oh boy…

That sent his appetite over the edge and soon Scott found himself greedily shoving the entire cream puff into his mouth.

He groaned in ecstasy as the rich cream and chocolate filled his mouth. It was so delicious that by the time he managed to swallow it, he craved more.

Unfortunately there was no more and Scott looked at the empty box forlornly before throwing it away. To wash it down, he grabbed another bottle of beer and chugged it without thinking.

The belch that escaped his lips after finishing snapped him back to the reality of the situation. He had already overeaten earlier but now he felt like he was going to burst. Scott groaned as he leaned against the counter, a hand pressed to his belly. The pressure on his waistband reached a breaking point and before he knew it, the button gave up with a loud snap. His belly surged forward, sloshing from all of the beer and gurgling from the excess. A few buttons on Scott’s shirt burst off and he was left leaning against the counter with his bulging gut out on display.

“Ooooo -HUUURRRRRRP- ooohhhh…”

More belches left him as he stood there trying to relieve the pressure in his middle. Scott rubbed at his side, regretting eating that cream puff. What would everyone think if they saw him walk in like this?

His belly was so swollen with food that it looked as if he’d swallowed two sandbags whole. It felt firm and barely yielded to his touch. It was so tight that it was now painful and Scott groaned again knowing he was in for a major stomachache.

This story comes from a copy I own of “Les Trésors de Picsou” (The treasures of Scrooge) number 4, published in the summer of 2007. (This series is a thick book/magazine compilating several Donald Duck series, but mostly driven by all the stories presenting Scrooge McDuck discovering some sort of treasure or a new wealth). 

Anyway, there is this story, called “Si Donald n’existait pas…” (If Donald didn’t exist). I think the code is D 93574, because it was the number written on the first page.

In this story Donald ends up wishing that he was never born — and turns out there is a genie nearby in an antique jar, and the genie grants him his wish. Then the story goes typically from there — Donald discovers that without him the world would be in a very bad place. Uncle Scrooge would be penniless, Daisy would be a cold-hearted, cruel and vain business woman, and all of their ennemies would be in high positions or in control of the world. 

And among all of these “bad alternatives”, we find Donald’s three nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie. In this alternate life, they didn’t went to live with their uncle Donald but rather with their “Cousin Gontran” (Gladstone Gander). (If you don’t know or remember, Gladstone Gander is Donald’s cousin who benefits from an incredible luck that made him incredibly wealthy and lazy). The nephews, in this version, inherited Gander’s laziness. Since Gander keeps winning prizes of all sorts and receiving huge sums of money, they grew quickly spoiled, spending their time watching a dozen of television sets while eating constantly. As a result, they are now obese couch potatoes, whose only dream in life is to become “lucky like Cousin Gander”. (And Louie also keeps burping all the time). 

No Six Packs Allowed

“This young man won the “Rapidest DadBod award”, with almost 60 pounds of vr sports, takeouts, using the elevators, 0 walking, Mcdonald coupons in ONE YEAR!” (Submission)

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Straight Muscle Fat Gainer


I think it’s time for a new jersey…. This is what happens when you watch too much football. Gives me an excuse to sit on the couch and snack all day.

Also, keep sending those asks guys! I was slacking there for a bit but I’ll try to keep up with posting every ten asks.

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