Full Size Adjustable Bed | Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds


Now that you’re ready to browse and compare different adjustable bed brands and models, here is a final checklist of factors and features to consider:


  • How much does the base weigh?
  • How much sleeper weight can the base support?
  • Does the base offer dual customization for couples?
  • Is the base available in a size that corresponds to your current mattress?
  • Is the base compatible with your current mattress, or will you need to purchase a new mattress?
  • Is the remote control wired or wireless?
  • How many degrees will the bed incline at the upper and lower body?
  • What is the base height (including legs)?
  • Can the leg height be adjusted, or are the legs fixed?
  • Can leg extensions be purchased?
  • Is the base sold with or compatible with headboard brackets?
  • Does the base use retention bars or internal retention hooks to keep the mattress in place?


  • Zero-gravity presets that elevate the legs higher than the head?
  • Anti-snore presets that elevate the head?
  • Re-adjustment presets that return the base to a flat surface after a certain amount of time has elapsed
  • One or more memory position presets?
  • Wall-hugging technology that eases the transition in and out of bed?
  • Built-in massage capabilities using wave sensations?
  • Silent alarms for gentle wake-up?
  • Lighting beneath the bed?
  • A wireless app that can be used to adjust the settings, in addition to remote controls?

Full Size Adjustable Bed | Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds

Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds are available in all popular sizes. Models are available in: adjustable twin bed, full size adjustable, adjustable king, and queen size adjustable. In the USA, Standard bed length for single and double/full size beds is 74″. For queen and king adjustable size beds the standard bed length is 80″ However, all bed widths are available in 74″, 80″ and 84″ lengths to assure your comfort.

*»Dual» Size beds consist of two side-by-side adjustable beds, each of which is 1/2 the indicated

The Casper Adjustable Bed Frames are designed to withstand normal wear and tear along with that occasional bounce and movement on the bed throughout its lifetime. Our adjustable bed frames underwent a series of tests to determine the weight limit to use with both the head and the foot sections. Including the weight of the mattress, bedding, and sleeper(s), below are the suggested limits of the adjustable bed frames.

Twin XL — 400 lbs (750 lbs if using two Twin XLs as a King)
Queen — 600 lbs
King — 750 lbs
CAL King — 750 lbs

If you have any specific questions about weight, our customer support team is happy to help advise further! Just reach out to support@casper.com or give us a ring at 1-888-498-0003.

Our Most Popular Bed

Full Size Adjustable Bed | Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds
Full Size Adjustable Bed | Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds
Queen/Dual Queen
  • Full Size Adjustable Bed | Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds

  • Full Size Adjustable Bed | Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds

King/Dual King
  • Full Size Adjustable Bed | Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds

  • Full Size Adjustable Bed | Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds

Choose from any mattress type.
Full Size Adjustable Bed | Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds
Dual Plush/Firm
Luxury Firm
Plush Soft
Memory Foam

Full Size Adjustable Bed | Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds

Today’s Craftmatic


Legacy adjustable beds Offer more luxury features than you will ever see in other adjustable’s. Legacy Model adjustable beds are designed to offer you the Best in Rest for Less! These Superior Legacy Adjustable Bed Systems come standard with our flagship designed dual density coil spring comfort control mattress.

That means firm on one side. Plush medium firm on the other. The New Dual Density Mattress has been an overwhelming successful breakthrough designing to help you achieve the perfect solution to a good nights sleep!.

Our All New Craftmatic® Legacy Adjustable beds come fully loaded with a technologically advanced Wireless Remote that Illuminates at night — Whisper Quiet Head and Leg motors — Two Zone Full Body Wave Massage with Auto Timed shutoff — A Rising Adjustable Pillow Feature — One Touch Auto Flat Button — Bedside Power Plugs To Charge You’re Phones {amp}amp;

Tablets — A Child {amp}amp; Pet Safety Lock — 2 Position Programmable Memory — Programmable Zero Gravity Anti Snore Button — LED Safety Night Lights — A Movable Remote Holder and more …. click this link on our website.

Whisper Quiet motors allow up to 450 pounds of lifting capacity. The optional heavy duty models allow up to 600 lbs.

All Deliveries are made through our Craftmatic® Authorized Delivery and Service network throughout all 50 United States.

Lifetime Limited Position Changing Mechanism Warranty (includes motors, gears, controls and electrical system) Mattress Warranty: 25 year limited pro-rated mattress and foundation warranty.

The Craftmatic® Legacy also offers choices of optional mattress designs. A Dual Density coil spring mattress. Space Age Memory Foam. Latex Plush and a Cool Top Memory Foam Design.

We highly recommend our flagship coil spring comfort control mattresses to over 80% of our customers. We have found that dollar for dollar, quality vs quality today’s model I beds offer the perfect combination of features and benefits making it the best value on the market today!

Since Craftmatic® beds are designed for maximum comfort and durability your Craftmatic® representative will suggest the right Bed for you and your budget.

Craftmatic® Legacy Adjustable Beds are available in all popular sizes. Models are available in: adjustable twin bed, full size adjustable, adjustable king, and queen size adjustable. In the USA, Standard bed length for single and double/full size beds is 74″.

You get so much more — for so much less!

Other Buying Considerations

  • How much does the base cost?
  • Is the base available through more than one manufacturer or retailer — and if so, do the prices vary by vendor?
  • Is owner assembly required, or is White Glove delivery with in-home professional assembly available?
  • Does the manufacturer or retailer offer a sleep trial?
  • Will the seller accept returns?
  • What is the warranty length?
  • How much of the warranty is nonprorated/prorated?

Return Policies

Most mattresses sold today offer a ‘sleep trial,’ which allows purchasers to test out the bed for a certain length of time (typically 90 to 365 nights), and then return the mattress for a refund or exchange it if they are not satisfied with how it feels or performs.

Adjustable base brands, on the other hand, do not typically offer sleep trials, and many also prohibit returns. Some allow buyers to exchange the base for a different model, but this often results in expensive shipping and handling fees, as well as possible upgrade charges.

Return Policy and Warranty Considerations

In addition to the other cons listed above, return policies and warranty coverage are two common complaints among adjustable bed owners.

Warranty Coverage

The warranty of an adjustable bed may span anywhere from three to 40 years in length. Longer warranties seemingly provide a better financial cushion for owners, but many owners are misled by coverage terms like ‘nonprorated’ and ‘prorated.’

Nonprorated warranty coverage means that the bed manufacturer will repair or replace a defective base at no cost to the owner, apart from shipping and handling fees in some cases. Prorated coverage, on the other hand, means that the owner must pay a certain percentage of the original base cost in order to repair or replace the product when a defect arises.

For example: let’s say an adjustable base that costs $2,000 comes with a 20-year warranty. The first three years are nonprorated. Beginning in year four, the owner is required to pay 20% of the original price ($400) in order to have it repaired or replaced.

This prorated charge will increase by increments of 5% for each passing year. In year five, the owner will pay $500; in year six, they will pay $600; and so on. By year 15, the owner will be required to spend 75% of the original price to repair or replace their defective base.

These charges can add up to a significant financial investment for owners. Bottom line: adjustable bed shoppers should make sure their selected brand and model have return policies and warranty coverage plans that are acceptable to them before finalizing their purchase.

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