WW Freestyle Weight Loss—How Jennifer Lost 72 lbs | Weight-Loss Success Stories

1) Limit meal size—not menu items.

“People ask me all the time what I’ve given up—I haven’t given up anything because I still eat what I enjoy—I just eat a little less,” says Nate, who has found pleasure in his meals while working toward his weight loss goals. “I like my pizza, I like my wine, I like my pasta—I just don’t have it every day.”

3) End dinner with a calming ritual.

  “When I get home from work, I know that I need to have dinner right away because that prevents me from snacking,» Nicole says.   

“A cup of yummy hot tea is a great way to unwind after a long, busy day,” Nicole says of the habit she practices after dining—one way to get your mind off dessert.   4) *People following the WW program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week. Members lost weight on a prior program and continued on WW Freestyle.

4) Get active outside the gym.

“One of my favorite foods is enchiladas: I use lean ground beef, light tortillas, low-fat cheese, and enchilada sauce,” Felicia says. To reduce the SmartPoints® value in this recipe and others, swap beef for lean ground chicken or turkey breast: Both are ZeroPoint™ foods while extra lean ground beef has 3 SmartPoints.

  “I like to make a goal and keep track of how I do,” says Laura, who keeps a daily checklist in her planner and tracks her progress throughout the day.

  “I look at myself in the mirror, do a power pose, and say to myself, ‘Today is going to be a great day,’” says Janee of how she begins her mornings.  

“I make sure to have snacks on me in case I’m on-the-go and I get a little hungry,” she says of the tactic. While ZeroPoint whole fruits and fresh veggies can help keep your energy levels up, these low-SmartPoint snack recipes can hit the spot no matter what kind of food you feel like.

“I always think about how I can fit in activity, whether that’s tap dancing down the aisles at the store or doing lunges down the hallway in my office,” she says.  

When he knows he’s having chocolate cake for dessert, Nate prepares by eating a healthier meal comprised of ZeroPoint foods like grilled chicken breast and steamed broccoli. “This program is about balance,” he says.

4. Sarah lost 94 pounds*

“I finally feel good in my own skin: I no longer look at the floor when I walk and no longer dread going out. I used to love the cold where I could bundle up and hide the way I looked. Now, I’m not afraid to get dressed, whatever the season. I’m finally comfortable with myself. That’s the biggest victory I could’ve asked for.”

“I’m a flight attendant, but when I was at my highest weight, I felt so uncomfortable on the plane. It was difficult to pass someone while walking down the aisle, and it was hard to be on my feet all day.

<img class="media-element file-default wwvs-image-original" data-delta="18" src="https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/sites/default/files/styles/wwvs_image_original/public/amanda_f_thennow_640x640_0.jpg?

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“I’m finding my self-esteem again. It’s a work in progress. I feel so much better about myself. I’m able to go places with family and friends without worrying about having the energy to keep up with everyone.

Food no longer has control over my life—I do! Sure, it’s an everyday battle, and I still have to make healthy choices each day, but now I have wonderful concrete tools to help me on my way.”

WW Freestyle Weight Loss—How Jennifer Lost 72 lbs | Weight-Loss Success Stories
“If it weren’t for WW, I would’ve stayed where I was—not working towards helping myself, not fully living, but just surviving.

Now, I’ve found a new passion for cooking. I love finding and making new recipes, perusing farmers’ markets to see what’s in season, and sharing my passion for healthy and fresh cooking with my family.”

WW Freestyle Weight Loss—How Jennifer Lost 72 lbs | Weight-Loss Success Stories
“WW gave me the plan and the process to finally take control.

Now I’m more at peace with and more comfortable in my own skin. I have some sagging skin, yes, some wrinkles, yes—but I don’t care. With my new mindset, I’m more willing to take risks and put myself out there.”

WW Freestyle Weight Loss—How Jennifer Lost 72 lbs | Weight-Loss Success Stories“I’ve never been more confident in myself than I am now.

<img class="media-element file-default wwvs-image-original" data-delta="21" src="https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/sites/default/files/styles/wwvs_image_original/public/kate_dubord_thennow_640x640_1.jpg?

itok=hzJaXWia» alt=»»>“Becoming a fitness instructor was always my dream, but I never felt confident enough when I was at my heaviest weight. Now I’m a certified spin instructor and teach an elliptical-based workout class.”

WW Freestyle Weight Loss—How Jennifer Lost 72 lbs | Weight-Loss Success Stories
“Years ago when I was at my heaviest weight, I went skiing in Alaska.

I had a panic attack on the ski mountain because I worried I’d get hurt on my way down. Through my weight loss journey, I’ve become more fearless and adventurous. When I went canyoning in Canada I hiked backwards down a waterfall. I biked the Northern Fjords in Norway and hiked the Sydney bridge in Australia.”

WW Freestyle Weight Loss—How Jennifer Lost 72 lbs | Weight-Loss Success Stories“The biggest way my life has changed is that I don’t hesitate:

My life used to be filled with noes: No last-minute plans. No wanting to dress up. No wanting to leave my house on some days. After losing weight and changing my mindset, I feel free, and now I jump at the opportunity to go out and do something.”

*People following the WW program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week. Some members lost weight on a prior program and continued on WW Freestyle™.

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2) Munch mindfully while you meal prep.

  «When I’m preparing my meal, I’ll have baby carrots or sliced peppers handy if I want to munch,» she says.  

3) Eat before you go grocery shopping.

  “Otherwise, I make not-so-great decisions,” says Janee of the habit that fends off impulse buys during well-intentioned food hauls.  

3)Keep dessert on the menu.

Rather than sacrificing sweets, Felicia treats herself to treats made from ingredients with reasonable SmartPoint values. “I love making a lemon-strawberry cheesecake parfait using strawberry cheesecake-flavored yogurt, whipped topping, and a light lemon cake to build a parfait,” she says. “My life is very tasty.”

5) Surround yourself with supportive people.

Janee has a special name for friends who understand her wellness journey—peaks and pitfalls included: “Positive Pattys.” The same goes for naysayers: “There’s no room in my life for Negative Nancys,” she says.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Remember that community of people I mentioned before? It’s a double-edge sword.

My first week on Weight Watchers, I felt like such a badass. I had been tracking and measuring to a tee and I was so motivated. Then I got on the scale on my weigh-in day and … nothing. I had been working out and eating well all week for what felt like nothing.

Being on Instagram and seeing everyone dropping four pounds in a week while I had nothing to show for it sucked. I was baffled why I hadn’t lost weight right away.

But I quickly realized, thanks to that same community, that everyone’s body is different. I would go on to have those four-pound weight loss weeks and I would go on to have weeks where I’d gain two pounds. So did those people I was comparing myself to.

If you sit there and agonize over what other people are losing, you’ll get nowhere. Their body is not your body and your progress isn’t theirs. What you probably don’t see are the weeks that they don’t lose either and the nights they go HAM on some queso and chips. Don’t worry about how the plan is working for others — focus on you!

Track your «splurge» meals.

I’ve realized that I can eat one of two different breakfasts every day and not get bored. Mine are oatmeal, fruit, and non-fat Greek yogurt or an English muffin with a hard boiled egg, Laughing Cow cheese, and hot sauce.

Knowing that I have one meal out of the day figured out frees my brain up to think of lunches and dinners. Plus, knowing I have one meal planned keeps me from reaching for sugary treat when I’m hungry. 

The biggest mistake I made when starting Weight Watchers was giving up on weekends. I would just assume I used all of my «weekly points» on some take out on Friday night and call it a day without tracking it.

That’s not how it’s supposed to work. You should totally feel free to use your weeklies (seriously, use them!), but you should also be tracking everything if you want to be on the program — even if it wipes out all your weeklies and then some. Otherwise, you’ll trick yourself into thinking you have more wiggle room than you think.

I am all for taking a few days off for vacations, holidays, or your own wellbeing. But in «normal weeks» track those points, even if it stings. 

I’ve spent my fair share of time crying on the scale, despairing out over a meal that ended up being triple the points I planned, or agonizing because the only option at lunch was least 30 points.

Somehow I am still here to tell the tale.

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