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NXT Cruiserweight Championship

The NXT Cruiserweight Championship was created in September 2016 as the top prize in the Cruiserweight Division, featuring the best athletes in the world under 205 lbs. The title was introduced during the Finale of the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic, and presented to the winner of the 32-man tournament.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Belt, without Frustration Packaging

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Since its inception in WCW in late 1991, the Cruiserweight Championship has had a roller coaster of an existence. Its first obstacle was overcoming an almost four-year lull when WCW failed to re-establish the championship after stripping Brad Armstrong of it in 1992. Since that time, several other questionable decisions were made — most notably when both Lenny Lane and The Artist were stripped of their titles in controversial fashion. In addition, the Cruiserweight Championship also found its way around the waists of some women’s wrestlers including Madusa. Despite all this, the Cruiserweight Championship became the highest accolade in cruiserweight wrestling. It is because of the efforts of Superstars such as Gregory Helms, Chavo Guerrero and Jamie Noble that the Cruiserweight Championship is held in such high regard.

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