Do ankle weights somehow increase height?

Height Increase with Ankle Weights?

About wolfs law, i only saw the wikipedia web page for that, and it just says the bone adapts to accomadate or tolerate it surroundings, such as a karate expert who breaks 10 thick sheets of ice, they have built a tolerance for it because they have increased the density of the bone, but not the vertical length. But, in saying that, what do you think about baseball pitchers having longer dominant bones than the less dominant one? That could possibly be not true, but i think i heard that somewhere. Also what about basketball players generally having way larger wingspans than their height. I was a basketball player, and my wingspan was 6’2 while i stood a mere 5’8. I know basketball players that are 6’8 with 7’3 wingspans. I know that you might be thinking that wingspan and height have no correlation in measurement, but it is something that should be explored more thorougly with reasoning. I believe you’re absolutely right about the ankle weights only effecting (in an adverse way) the cartiledge, rather than the bone itself. That is why basketball players never run with ankle weights, it will destroy cartilidge and just increase the possiblity of arthritis once the age is good and ripe. Anyway for man in this person’s position, what would be the best height increasing method? Just assuming that his growth plates have fused. I will be at that age soon where growing naturally is not within reach, so i’m trying to physically prepare myself for the rigorous HI regimen i created. So i would like to see your take on this, if you don’tmind

Breaking tiles,wood or sheets of ice has to do with the right technique (speed and concentration)and in case it is done with the fists callosity on the knuckles or with a side hand stroke(Shuto)i know this by experience cause i did it myself,i now try to break things with my fingers but that is very difficult,you have to train this very carefully otherwise you will break your fingers instead of something else,a good exercise to start with is doing pushup’s on your fingers,first using four,later two,it is difficult but is worthwhile training it.

Fortunately you are not very short coming close to average,read this thread, … ome height.
Did you read this post of John?I fully agree with him,you also can do Yoga postures,and of course exercises of (i wouldn’t recommand the shine-bone routine)Yoga postures(which stretch the spine to the max) combined with hanging from a bar with some weight are(IMO)the best exercises to achieve more HI and of course Inversion with weight,but with Inversion
i got my doubts whether it won’t damage the very tiny blood-vessels in your brain and how it will effect your blood-pressure,so i»l skip that.

As far as i know wingspan and height indeed have no correlation in measurement with each other,it seems to differ from person to person,just like having a short trunk and long legs or vice versa,or two persons with the same height,one of them can have longer arms the the other,it is all a matter of genes,but it is just my opinion so i am not sure about this.


Due to different forces bone-tissue will react in getting more dense and less porous so the volume inside the bone-tissue increases that is right so the bones are getting stronger,that also is right,but if natural growth has stopped the length of the bones remains the same.Why?Because the bones has been fused,alas,end of story,after that there is no way to make them longer,if it would be that simple lot’s of ppl would use such a method,i don’t want to discourage you,i am just being realistic.

The everybody would be doing it only applies in cases where there is a low opportunity cost. If there was some pill that you just took to increase height than yes everybody would be doing it but if there were a method that required a lot of hard work than no, not everybody would do it.

In regards to the growth plates, as far as I have researched they do not fuse per se there just is activity there when you are growing and no activity when they stop. There’s nothing to indicate that a lack of activity in the epiphyses(sp?) would inhibit growth.

The reason that this hasn’t been discovered before is because microfractures haven’t been caused in sports in the right areas. Bone modeling in the spine, the hip, the head, and the levers will increase height.

Sports in question that could cause microfractures:

Olympic Lifting

The activities in MMA and Football that cause microfractures are hard to control.

Olympic Lifting puts load on the spine with the overhead squat.

Strongman has a lot of exercises that cause microfractures mostly in the ribs. Strongman do show evidence of rib cage growth. But growth in the rib cage will not increase height. But some of their exercises would cause microfractures in the spine. However, the spine could become more curved, the spine could become longer but an increase in curvature would result in around the same height.

In conclusion:

Most sports do not cause sufficient microfractures or in the right areas to gain height
If they do, then a change in spinal curvature may result in a low net change in height.

So it’s entirely possible that microfractures to increase height could’ve been overlooked.


Stretching your muscles will not increase height. You need to stretch your bones. Stretching your bones will not make your bones permanently stretched but is only one method to create microfractures. Hanging with weights is an example of a microstrain(bone stretching) exercise.

The theory behind the method:

-The only way that bones can increase in mass without increasing in size is by decreasing the porosity. Bones are porous, bones increase in density by becoming less porous.
-Microfractures are healed by new woven bone formation. New bone formation is different from a decrease in porosity therefore the bone must increase in size.
-The bone would not increase in size if the new bone formation is not greater than the bone lost.
-An increase in bone size=an increase in height


If you are causing microfractures and the bone repair is greater than the bone loss than you will gain height.

You MUST cause microfractures to gain height, You do not need to stretch the bones after you cause the microfractures

Running is not an effective exercise to cause microfractures in the legs. Running puts the load mostly on the muscles rather than the bones. However, running does provide effective impact on your ribs.

To cause microfractures you can:
Twist the bone
Compress the bone
Stretch the bone
Hit the bone

When you do these things you MUST cause microfractures. Forces insufficient to cause fractures will only decrease porosity.

If you have used a microfracture method before than let me know what exercise you did and what weight you used and then we can discuss whether that exercise was effective in causing microfractures.

On a similar not, if you’re going to knock the theory make sure you knock it because the theory won’t work and not because the exercises used aren’t strong enough to cause microfractures.

Thinking about it, in a sense it technically could work. However, I’ve read many articles on height increasing forums and websites where people try to find legitimate ways to increase height after puberty (apart for surgery) have concluded that it’s usually ineffective.

There may be a tiny bit of increase, but so miniscule that it doesn’t even show a difference. This is because there is less cartledge that compromises your legs when compared to your spine. And that’s the only thing I can think of that can be stretched, as bone takes a lot more force, or a different kind of force to elongate.

Ankle weights used to be the big thing in height increase but not anymore.  If you notice on, Sky’s height increase experimenters are cycling while their shin bones are being pulled with iron plates not ankle weights. 

Do ankle weights have any possible applications for height increase?  The main problem with ankle weights is that they place a stretching force on the cartilage and not on the bone.  Now, the growth plate contains cartilage but scientists used to attempt to perform epiphyseal distraction which was found to only increase growth rate and not final adult height.  This is true whether you are standing or sleeping with ankle weights.  Articular Cartilage grows in response to stem cells from microfracture not as a result of being stretched.  Ligaments respond to being stretched but they respond by adding more fibers to withstand more of the stretching force not by growing longer.

Kicking or jogging with ankle weights is another issue entirely.  Ankle weights bounce all over the place.  Now when you’re running these ankle weights may bounce up and down on your ankle causing trabecular microfractures in the epiphysis of your long bones but ankle weights are frankly so cumbersome that it is not something to count on.  Now kicking with ropes w/ iron plates might work as the load is actually on the bone and thanks to microfractures, bone should be able to lengthen in response to being stretched.

Ankle weights had their time to be experimented on.  It’s time to move on to bigger and better methods.  Unless someone comes up with a revolutionary new method.

How to gain more height at age 20

Human growth usually stops by 20 years of age. There are some ways to maximize your height but at least you can look taller. Whey protein, milk, yoghurt, cheese, and boiled chicken. Your bones need phosphorus, calcium, and

magnesium while your muscles need water, protein and carbohydrates to grow. Since you are growing taller, both your muscles and bones are getting bigger and longer. Don’t waste your money or your health on drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.

Tips for healthy nutrition

1. Eat at regular hours.

2. Don’t skip any meal.

3. Don’t forget to eat breakfast. Always start the day with a well-…

I have been researching a about fused bones since past few years.

I’ve never tried but have come up with this strategy. Please try this on your own risk.

For this method you need to wear 1kg ankle weights in both legs for whole day and during any time of the day you should perform sprints. Run straight 30 yards, take rest for 30 seconds and run back from where you started. Repeat this for 3–4 times. Later take rest for 2 day and repeat this method again for a month or two. Gradually increase weight after 10–15 days.

What this will do is create some micro fracture in your leg joints and these m…

What type of exercises lengthen legs?

Most will not believe that you will grow much after you turn 18, but that is not true.

So I’m not very tall, so I went to the doctor for possible solutions.

In most cases, you will hear that it is not possible (if you have already had your growth spurt) because your growth plates are closed.

And growth pills should only be used in extreme cases.

So I’m going to look on the Internet and it turns out that you can grow up to your 50th a 55th.

then, although not as extreme as in puberty.

the way to get bigger (source american site grow tall), sounds quite simple here:

1.lie down on your stomach…

Method 2 Ankle weight

Those who desire long and lean legs can opt for this type of exercise. It requires more care and dedication and may temporarily affect you routine if your regularly move at night. This is not a miracle method but another technique to lengthen you and help you get the height. Its a cost involving technique but the ankle weights can be used for future workouts. So there shouldn’t be any doubts to purchase a set. This particular exercise is strictly for the shin and overall it gives a benefit to have a model like figure which focuses on longer legs than bodies. What the ankle weights do is, they pull your shin away from the knee. Over time the legs become longer and technically give you a better height.

    To carry out this method, first of all you need a bed or any comfortable sofa where you can freely hang your legs without touching the ground. This is very important as you would have to sleep on it throughout the night. The core success comes while you are resting/sleeping, but this ain’t magic either. The process begins with exercising your legs before you go to sleep through some of the methods specified or you may choose something alike but keep the pressure on. Options for exercising are kicking, sprinting and jogging. If you pick kicking, you may follow up with the post that’s tagged with ‘KICKING EXERCISE’ and do it. for sprinting and jogging, carry out pretty much the basics and when done(including kicking) attach ankle weights to the legs and go to sleep. Be sure that the shin is hanging downwards(vertical) so that the ankle weights can apply the weight together with the gravity. Be cautious about the tightness of the ankle weight, it’s not important to make it tight or else the blood flow will be affected.  

Remember, if you want to visit the toilet, make sure you go earlier so the outcome won’t halt. Carry out any of the methods (kicking, sprinting and jogging) at night only when you know you’ll be on the bed for at least 7 to 10 hours. 

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