Bodyweight Workout: 50 Exercises You Can Do on Your Own, Anywhere

1 Deep squat

Bodyweight Workout 1: 1. Deep Squat

Time 10min EMOM Reps 15

Hold a towel overhead with your arms straight and keep it taut. This will force you to keep your chest up and improve your form. Bend your legs to lower slowly, keeping your knees wide apart, until your hamstrings touch your calves.

Bodyweight Workout 1: 2. Bulgarian Split Squat

Sets 5 Time 60sec Reps 60sec

Think of this as a lunge with your foot elevated for an extra stability challenge. Put one foot, laces down, on a bench behind you and the other in front. Bend your front leg to lower your body, then drive back up. Keep your body upright throughout and your front knee in line with your toes.

Vary the tempo with each set of these split squats so your muscles are under load for long muscle-building spells. Below is how it breaks down. The first number is the seconds the lowering part should take, then how long you pause for, then how long you take to drive up. The fifth set is max isolation, holding the deepest position for the whole minute.

Set Lowering Pause Drive up
Minute 1 3sec 1sec 1sec
Minute 2 1sec 3sec 1sec
Minute 3 1sec 1sec 3sec
Minute 4 2sec 0sec 2sec
Minute 5 60sec
Bodyweight Workout 1: 3. Squat Jump with Floor Touch

Sets 3 Reps 15

Bend your legs, keeping your knees wide apart and your heels in contact with the floor, to drop into a deep squat. Place your hands lightly on the floor and pause for two seconds, then drive up off the floor powerfully, clapping your hands together overhead.

10. Plank to push-up

Start in a plank position. Place one hand at a time on the floor to lift up into a push-up position, with your back straight and core engaged. Move one arm at a time back into the plank position (forearms on the floor). Repeat, alternating the arm that makes the first move.

11. Wall sit

Who needs a chair when there’s a wall?

Slowly slide your back down a wall until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Make sure knees are directly above ankles and keep back straight. Go for 60 seconds per set (or however long it takes to turn those legs to jelly). Need more fire? Add some biceps curls.

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13. Clock lunge

Time for a challenge. Complete a traditional forward lunge, then take a big step to the right and lunge again. Finish off the semicircle with a backward lunge, then return to standing. And all that’s 1 rep! Aim for 10 reps, then switch legs.

14. Lunge to row

Start by doing a normal lunge. Instead of bringing that forward leg back to the starting position, raise it off the floor while lifting your arms overhead. The leg should remain bent at about 90 degrees. Add weights to really bring the heat.

15. Pistol squat

There may be no gun permit necessary for this one, but it’s still no joke.

Stand holding your arms straight out in front of your body. Raise right leg, flexing right ankle and pushing hips back. Lower your body while keeping right leg raised. Hold (have fun with that), then return to standing.

16. Lunge jump

Ready to impress some friends? Stand with feet together and lunge forward with right foot. Jump straight up, propelling arms forward while keeping elbows bent.

While in the air, switch legs and land in a lunge with the opposite leg forward. Repeat and continue switching legs. Try to do 10!

17. Curtsy lunge

Let’s show a little respect. When lunging, step left leg back behind right leg, bending knees and lowering hips until right thigh is almost parallel to the floor. Remember to keep your torso upright and your hips square.

4A Incline clap press-up

Bodyweight Workout 2: 1A. Spider-Man Press-Up

Sets 4 Reps 20/10/5/1

Start in the top of a press-up position. Bend your arms to lower your chest until it’s just off the floor and simultaneously bring one knee up to your elbow, then return to the start. Alternate knees.

Bodyweight Workout 2: 1B. Wide-Grip Pull-Up

Sets 4 Reps 15/10/5/1

Grasp a bar with an overhand grip so your palms are facing away from you and your hands are double shoulder-width apart. Contract your upper back muscles and pull your sternum towards the bar. Then lower under control. Rest for 5sec per rep. Same drill on the final rep: take ten seconds.

Bodyweight Workout 3: 1A. Shrimp Squat

Sets 4 Reps 10/5/3/1

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