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DIY Machining Question.

As for batteries we are using this.

plus this

Which will step the 9v down to the 7.2 the camera wants, I would be scared if it wasnt Lanparte, they make good stuff.

and some rails and blocks, both to make the camera longer and power it. If I could sell the boss on some Antons, I certainly would. Janice Arthur Weight Cage - General Discussion

I found those plates, but I was hoping I wouldnt have to stack them to get up to the weight I wanted, might just have to deal.

In any case Ill show you guys the result when it gets done.

Once the office gets done laughing at me practicing line dances that is.


I seriously doubt it’s a legal issue.

From reading the thread, it sounds like he wants to build something that blends the form of an AR and a handgun.


Janice Arthur Weight Cage - General Discussion

10/10…would wear while programming

one of the biggest things that attracts me to CNC machining and CAM is just making cool stuff out of solid metal, the less «work» related the better


See, there is the difference, the Emag design is horrible. It could have been done much better, but yet the Emag is still a mag, in every sense of the word. Like what Doc Nickles wrote, when you look at it, you see that its still a mag, and not an aboration. Even TK was thoroughly surprised that people not only were taking his design but going places he did not dream.

Now, i have no problems with a criticism where you point them out. Emag design is bad. The noid is ok(i do believe that for the time, it was the only option) and that necessitated the battery , which added to the weight and design. The board and code were horrible. There is a point where you should find a board designer {amp}amp; programmer. It shouldn’t be don totally in house. ICD learned that all too late. But yet, the problems with the mag, is ironically what people love about them. The RT effect was a byproduct, but not a necessity, yet people tune the guns towards their own tastes and fingers. Personal guns are just that, personal. You can have one person rip at 20 bps, yet you might not hit 12bps on the same gun. I don’t always use my Emag, but when i use it(granted its BigEvil tuned, with Xmod) she sings, easily out shooting my spire when i let it.

Hell, the easiest comparison of mags to the none mag users is, a stick shift in a car. Modern automatics are better, more efficient, faster and more capable in most circumstances, yet take away a man’s stick box away and you will have a fight.

Also, you have to love the design were you have 2 screws for the entire gun, have 2-4 orings that could cause a leak, and most leaks can be solved with a few drops of oil Janice Arthur Weight Cage - General Discussion


speaking as a manufacturing engineer and a fan of automags…

the market for both autococker and automags is very tiny relative to the modern paintball market (tournament/scenario etc.), much moreso for mags IMO

just because a few people want a particular thing does not mean there is a high enough demand to justify the amount of time required to go through the manufacturing process

making things properly/with quality requires time, attention, and overall a significant financial investment on the part of the manufacturer all in the hopes that when the product is finished there will be people waiting at the other end to buy it all up.

widely used «mass market» products are a MUCH safer investment since the market is much more verile. I have seen many mag products on AO go bust even with heaps of people «commiting» to a purchase in pre-order threads.

I cant even count how many people have asked me to make them things (ranging from simple to laughable) and I have to explain to them why I am refusing

This one guy wanted me to make him an ASA adapter to fit a 2012 G6R ASA onto a 2013 G6R (or something like that, not familiar with G6R’s). After explaining to him it would likely cost several hundred dollars and him shipping me his marker for measurements/design feasablility/fitting/testing he was much more sober. However he still assured me that many people would be interested in purchasing one if I went through the trouble of making it. I would say at least 90% of my refusals are followed up by reply’s telling me how there are «so many people who would buy it».

The entire discussion is really an awkward hassle and usually within the inaugural message I can tell wether or not someone actually knows what it takes and are willing to go the distance. Most messages simply boil down to spam roughly saying «design and make me this custom part because you can, and do it for cheap because I’m broke!» Which clearly is not something any manufacturer wants to even dignify with a response.

People become somewhat detached to what actually goes into making products. They do not see why it costs so much to make one off custom parts or even small batch parts.

not that any of you guys are doing this, just venting



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Yea, but cockers have had a big resurgence with the pump movement. Most regular players can at least identify a marker as a cocker/sniper. Pull out an automag and next to nobody knows what it is, at least in my experience.


to state that the automag market, or more accurately aftermarket, is equivelant to the autocockers is grossly innacurate

as much as I would love it to be there, it simply isnt in any significance

if you really want something mag related made you need deeper pockets and higher motivation as a consumer, speaking generally IMO



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the simple fact is mags never needed an aftermarket. and unlike cockers, no one really figured out a better way than AGD to make them perform (at least pneumatically). the lack of aftermarket, high initial price, lack of knock offs, and high used price, means there are just simply less of them floating around. smaller chance to get a hold of one or see one in action.

Full Kit

-GPI PRO Cine/Live Sled (Excellent Condition):
-Battery Rack Gen 4 w/ Anton Bauer Plates
-Gimbal Grip Clamp
-HD Centerpost II (Telescoping)
-D-Box II
-CineLive Electronics

-GPI PRO Accessories (Excellent Condition):
-10amp Circuit Breaker (x2)
-5amp Circuit Breaker
-Docking Clamp
-Lowmode Bracket w/ 4″ Armpost
-Gimbal Post Clamps (x3)
-8″ Armpost
-10″ Armpost
-12″ Armpost
-7″ Moviecam/ Panaflex Camera Plate
-7″ Arri/Panaflex Camera Plate
-7″ Vertical Displacement Camera Plate
-9″ Vertical Displacement Camera Plate
-6″ Plate rod

-Cinetronics Gen1 6.5” Monitor (Excellent Condition):
-Monitor Yoke
-Monitor Mount w/ 9″ Rods

-Terry West Cables (Excellent Condition):
-CineLive to Bartech Cable
-CineLive to Preston Cable
-8pin to 8pin Cable for Cineronics

-Steadyrig: Silverspring Arm (Very Good Condition):
(2nd Owner)

-Cinema Products: Model II Vest (Fair Condition):
(Multiple Former Owners)
-Vest Case

-Hill Products: Gorelock 2 w/ Hill Balance Bracket (Very Good Condition):

-Anton Bauer (Very Good Condition):
-T2 Charger
-Dionic HC (x2) (May need re-cell)

-American Stand: Steadicam Black 2-Rise (Very Good Condition):

-Pelican Cases (Very Good Condition):
-Storm iM3100 Case (For Arm)
-Storm iM2950 Case (For Sled)

-Inovativ Cart (Very Good Condition):
-Ranger 36″ Cart w/ Steadicam Kit, Top {amp}amp; Bottom Drawers

-Janice Arthur: Weight Cage 30lbs (Very Good Condition):

— $32,000 OBO
*Priority to anyone interested in full package, I will consider breaking up.
I will be in Los Angeles June 5-12 If anyone in the area would like to check it out. Best picture I have at the moment, I will take more when I am back in LA. Any questions please feel free to ask.

Janice Arthur Weight Cage

Hello all,

I know it’s been talked about here times before, but I just wanted to put a plug in for Janice Arthur and her weight cages. I purchased one a few weeks back and it is a really solid purchase.

Janice is also great to work with and is incredibly helpful. There were some shipping problems on the USPS end of things, but she was super fast in fixing the issue that wasn’t even her fault to begin with.

So there it is, if you need a weight cage contact Janice Arthur (Steadijan@hotmail.com)



KC Kennicutt

Weight cage for sale. Two steel plates and two aluminum plates! weights are 6.5 10.5 13.5 pounds depending on the plates you use $350 OBO. steadi@cox.net


I’m selling my Janice Arthur Weight Cage in near perfect condition. New it was $385 selling for $275 OBO. I’m located in NYC and due to the weight I’d prefer to sell for local pick-up only. Please contact me at zoomgunn@yahoo.com



{amp}lt;p{amp}gt; {amp}lt;/p{amp}gt;

{amp}lt;p{amp}gt;Selling my weight cage, altogether (2 plates rods) 6.7kg (about 15lbs).{amp}lt;/p{amp}gt;

{amp}lt;p{amp}gt; {amp}lt;/p{amp}gt;

{amp}lt;p{amp}gt;200€ shipping.{amp}lt;/p{amp}gt;

{amp}lt;p{amp}gt; {amp}lt;/p{amp}gt;

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Selling Janice Authors Weight plates.

each can be used separately or both can be used together as a cage

used. It is very well made and has a smooth surface. a little rust. Purchased for $400 $60 for pelican. asking $300 or will take best offer.

Buying pays shipping or pickup in NYC. one of the rods is covered in velcro and the allen key sticks to it.

— Small plate 7LB

— large plate 11 LB

— 4 Rods to connect the plates into a box.

— 9 screws to connect rods

— allen key to tighten screws.

— 1085 Pelican case fits all parts.

19.30LB together as a cage

all items Weight total 21.96LB

email Fasanella@gmail.com

Or text: 561-427-4033

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Hi all;

Thanks for the good words all.

They’ve got all the details right and in stock. Sizes of 2lb, 6.5lb, 11, 15lb plates. 7″, 8.5″, 9.5″ rods.

All interchangeable, any two plates and any four rods $385. One single plate $210.

Let me know what you have questions about.

Thanks a lot.




I am selling my 11lbs weight plate. For those who don’t know, search the forums about the awesome quality and versatility of Janice’s plates. Comes with 4 screws so can be upgraded to a cage with another plate and 4 rods anytime. I’ve used it on two jobs and it’s like new, no signs of use, no different from a brand new one, really. I just don’t do much of the light setups on steadicam anymore, so it’s yours to grab.

The plate is located in Germany, so if you’re in Europe, that means a substantial savings on shipping and customs for you.

Paid about EUR 300 for it (shipping from US, customs, VAT…)

EUR 230 plus shipping.

DHL Shipping:
Germany — EUR 7
EU — EUR 20

Rest of Europe — EUR 35

US: A new one from Janice will make more sense I guess wink.png

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