32 Before and After Weight Loss Pictures

Dr. Kevin Gendreau lost 125 pounds by intermittent fasting

Dara Sarshuri weighed 390 pounds in February this year and said he was shocked by the number.

«It was way more than I thought,» the 35-year-old toldTODAY. «I was just mad at myself. It really just hit me and I thought, ‘You got to do something. You are almost 400 pounds.'»

At first, he decided on gastric bypass surgery and had to lose some weight ahead of the procedure. In his first two months following an eating plan, he lost 55 pounds. He lost 45 more by June, a total of 100 pounds.

It was at that point he decided not to go forward with the surgery. He had also started exercising, first just by walking. He eventually joined a gym and goes five days a week, still walking on the weekends.

«I am stronger than I ever thought I was. I never had any confidence and now I see how far I have come. I can run. I can do burpees. I can do push-ups. I can do planks. I take these small victories,» he told TODAY.

«In high school, I hit 200 lbs., but I was blessed to be a confident person,» Saintfort told People magazine

After the birth of her daughter in 2007, however, things changed for Saintfort. Weighing 291 pounds, her highest, she decided to try dieting. But it wasn’t until her daughter turned 10 and one of her classmates called Saintfort «fat» that she made lasting changes. 

«She looked so sad, and she’s trying to act like it wasn’t a big deal. At that moment it hit me that she’s suffering, and she’s being picked on or laughed at because of my laziness or my unhealthy choices,» Saintfort told the magazine.

She cut out fast food and soda and started doing daily three-mile walks around the lake in her town.

Barry Parkes never really worked out and didn’t eat healthily, but thought he was fine as long as he didn’t weight 300 pounds. However, when he got to the point where he did weigh 325 pounds, he knew something had to change.

«That’s when it really hit me,» he toldMen’s Health. But he didn’t quite know where to start in order to make a lasting impact until one of his coworkers recommended getting a Fitbit.  

The device and app helped Parkes create a calorie budget and he also started going on daily walks with his wife.

After about a year and a half, he lost 122 pounds. He said he now has more energy and doesn’t snore anymore. Plus, he and his wife have found they’re even more in love than before, he told the outlet.

«The key is you got to commit to it first,» he said. «You got to be at the point where enough is enough. You got to commit to doing it and then you’ve got to stick with it and be consistent.»

It’s #transformationtuesday ! 2 years between these photos. 88 pounds difference. Did it take me 2 years to lose 88 pounds? No. It has taken me 10 months. In the left picture, I was weighing in for yet ANOTHER attempt at losing weight. I had probably just heard of some new program or fad diet that was sweeping the nation {amp}amp; said “hey I’ll try that” without any planning. I would end up failing, again, in about 1-3 weeks. That is what I did for 7 straight years. I’d hear of a new “fool proof way to lose weight!” {amp}amp; just jump in head first without actually being mentally ready to make a LIFE CHANGE. That’s what has been the difference for me this last time. My husband {amp}amp; I spent the entire month of January researching {amp}amp; prepping…getting MENTALLY ready to do more than just jump on another bandwagon. My biggest piece of advice I can give anyone starting a weight loss journey is to make sure you are MENTALLY ready. Do the research, clean out the JUNK from your kitchen {amp}amp; pantry, make lists to buy GOOD food, follow people who inspire you or encourage you to DO BETTER. If you are following anyone on Instagram who makes you feel anything other than positive or encouraged, unfollow them. Even if it’s me!!! You have to surround yourself with happy, positive people/things. There are enough mental changes going on when you begin a weight loss journey. You don’t need any type of negative anything getting in your way 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 #jens100poundjourney

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Jen Wagner had always been athletic, but when she got married, she stopped working out and gained 100 pounds, reaching her highest weight of 240 pounds in 2017.

«I felt like a stranger in my own body. I didn’t recognize my own reflection, and when I would see photos of myself, I was disgusted. I didn’t know who that was,» she toldPopsugar.

Though she had tried for six years to lose weight on fad diets and different programs, she finally buckled down in February this year. She started with her diet, first onketo, then to low-carb.

She also exercises by playing tennis, swimming, walking with hand weights, jumping on trampolines with her daughter and even doing yard work.

«I never did something that made me miserable and not want to do it again,» she told POPSUGAR. «I haven’t stepped foot inside of a gym even one time on this journey.»

Her ultimate goal is to lose the 100 pounds she gained after getting married and she documents her journey on Instagram.

«The thing I hear the most from people is that I look like a new person,» she wrote on Instagram recently. «I agree, since I often don’t recognize myself when I pass a mirror or a window, but more important than that, I FEEL like a new person! I feel like the person I had longed to be all those years I was overweight.»

This is just a reminder that you guys can do anything you put your mind to. Seriously. I never thought I would make pictures like these. This is me showing you at my worst; I didn’t care what I looked like because I felt so horrible about myself. I learned that my weight gain was caused by unresolved trauma and grief that I never allowed myself to deal with. The person on the right is a person I sometimes still see, and it can be so hard to look in the mirror sometimes and be happy. I’m not used to it. I was used to pushing things away (except second helpings okur) to keep smiling. Now I am embrace them to keep smiling; I have decided to focus on myself and what I truly want. This is what I’ve wanted all my life. I’m not done, I won’t ever be done. This isn’t about weight loss, this is about endlessly surprising myself with discipline and life style changes. I love the fuck out of myself and will be damned if anyone tries to change that. (I don’t know where this post came from I’m literally cleaning my room and sat down and posted this okur) #weightloss #transformation #vegan #selfcare #wfpb #wholefoodplantbased #itsbritneybitch

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Both of Joey Morganelli’s parents died when he was a teenager, his mother from cancer when he was 13, and his father from a heart attack when he was 16. He began to cope with food but didn’t realize he was developing an addiction to food, according to what he toldMen’s Health.

After encouragement from a professor during his freshman year, Morganelli decided to try to lose weight. At first, he lost some weight by counting calories but his weight fluctuated for several months because he sometimes binged.

One day he had a panic attack but thought it was a heart attack. He decided then that it was time to completely change his diet. He decided to go vegan.

«Since starting my weight loss journey, I have seriously learned so much about nutrition and what works for me that it’s becoming a passion of mine,» he wrote on<a href="https://www.instagram.

com/p/BYBiSFpAj7n/?utm_source=ig_embed»>Instagram. «If there’s one thing about Nutrition that EVERYONE knows, it’s that there’s always a new fad diet or there’s always a pill or some shakes to take … Over these past four years, I’ve learned so much about what my body likes and this is it.

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